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Dogs for sale that have won hunts

1) r&t blister she is off of black smoke quinea d turn a year old July 2nd has won 3 hunts placed in a pile more hunts. She is a nice track running gyp and tough. Won a 3 hour hunt Friday evening then turned around and won a 4 hour money hunt the next morning.
2) r&t jango he is off mud creek bones he will be 2 in march of next year has been put in 7 hunts and placed in all 7. He won 2 of them. Last hunt he was put in he placed 3rd in a derby money hunt.
3) r&t socks she is a all age brindle gyp off of strong liquor July tiger she is a fast gyp that will run the front has won 2 hunts and been 2nd a few more times lost those by 5 points.

Serious inquiries only these dogs are for sale but not on sale they want be cheap but there all my running dogs. 8434990402

Re: Dogs for sale that have won hunts

No. 1 and No. 2 dog sold thanks