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Hession's Woodrow Pups For Sale.

Woodrow has been throwing some extremely nice well rounded pups, that can get it done any which way you want to do it. His pups have the looks, speed, bottom, nose, and mouth that any hunter could find room for in their line up. 9 times out of 10 when somebody gets their hands on one, it doesn't change hands too often. I've got 3 male pups to move off him. One was whelped 7-23-17 the other 2 whelped 8-2-17. Woodrow is (Ch Spires' William x Jo Jo Lovett) and both dams were out of (Matthew's Bennie Boy x Matthew's Robin). Can send pics of pups and papers. $250 a piece. Call or text 6013256825 for any questions.

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