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Johnson 224 Frequency

i have Two Johnson Merlin 10 boxes and 14 collars, not sure i will have to look but i think 2-3 collars need batteries. After i quit field trialing i don't need this many collars. Just checking to see if any interest in a frequency that the only other box i know of is Robbie Bogue's, my system and his are identical. Have never had a problem with bleed over from other collars.

Re: Johnson 224 Frequency

how much for one box and 3 collars

Re: Johnson 224 Frequency

if i sell would rather sell complete system, i have rabbit hounds now and couple deer hounds. i plan on going to the alpha system so that i can get my shocking system and all on one collar.

Re: Johnson 224 Frequency

After talking with dad last night we are thinking about keeping one unit with few collars to place on some deer beagles. Take $700 for one unit with 3 collars. located in north mississippi