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DC-40s for Sale

I presently have five Garmin collars - 4 DC-40s & 1 DC-50. I have decided to sell my 4 DC-40s & upgrade to all DC-50s while they are still available. From a tracking perspective I don't notice a real big difference between the DC-40s & DC-50s, but I do very much like the bark indicator on the DC-50s. Probably not a big deal to most, but I do all my hunting on the outside and hunt quite a bit by myself during the summer in lots of corn as well and walk my dogs in, so the bark indicator is handy.

I will sell the DC-40s for $120 each with original wall chargers. All are in great working condition & shape and always stored in the house during the winter months. As a bonus I have four extra collars of varying colors with reflector strips that have never been used I purchased from Lion Country Supply a while back that are made for DC-40s to be mounted on that I will throw in with each collar at no cost. First come gets first pick as far as colors go. 3 of the 4 DC-40s have the normal Garmin antenna on them, while one I just put the "white" antenna on in the last month or so that S & R Sporting Goods promotes for longer durability & range. For two of the other three collars I will also throw in a "white" antenna at no cost ($15 value) because if I sell all my DC-40s I will have no use for those anyhow.

If interested please call (563) 543-3003 and leave a message if I don't answer and I will return calls in the order they are received. Thank you!

Re: DC-40s for Sale

All collars are sold. Thanks!