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Used and Refurbished!!

Hey everybody we are having a sale on all Used and Refurbished Garmin equipment: Buy two or more of our wide selection of Garmin equipment and receive FREE shipping, but wait if you buy two or more refurbished DC40s we will DOUBLE the warranty time.
(sale will continue till supplies run out)

Our inventory includes:
DC20 2 week guarantee call for price
DC30 2 week guarantee $125
DC40 2 week guarantee $135
DC50 2 week guarantee $175
TT10 2 week guarantee $200

DC40 (comes with a three month warranty) $175
*unless two or more are bought then there is a 6 month warranty*

Re: Used and Refurbished!!

Can I get y'all #

Re: Used and Refurbished!!

573 669 5101 Middletown Missouri.
I googled it for you Jody

Re: Used and Refurbished!!

Thanks brother

Re: Used and Refurbished!!

You're welcome!!