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All of the old post are located in Options Masterfox archives. I had to remove some old post to make room. The site was just about full.

Richard Cogley

Re: masterfox.net

many thanks for keeping this web site for all of the fox hunters,I don't know how many take time to thank you but I honestly believe every one enjoys it, and THANKS AGAIN buddy

Re: Old Post

Hey Mr. Buddy I appreciate the compliments. But the one who owns the site is Ronnie McMillan. I'm just lending a helping hand with keeping the site up and running for everyone to enjoy. I'll tell you what I would like. What most hunters would like to have is a good hound, That can run his own game with plenty of speed and a good mouth. I like to 3 day hunt, so if anybody that you know has a good hound I would be interested. Thanks very much again.

P.S. I would prefer a male dog around 2 years old.

Re: perfect dog -

I have such a dog that runs on the front and stays on track with the game. Outstanding speed. The only problem is that he is 3 years old and a one man dog. He is out of Cherry Dixon Smiley and Cherrie Hill Pepper. Registration is TAllman Smiley. I have not field trialed him because one man has to pick him up. References Larry Wiggins, July hunter, Tommie Miller - July hunter, It will be best for you to come and run at Ed Bacon's and bring your fast hound and bring plenty of money. Outstanding fast chop mouth. Doesn't use it out of place. Doublecross of Double Cross Terrebone's Benji, Hemphill's Happy. Buddy