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Louisiana Sportsmen's Alliance Reception

Thanks to all the hunters who came last evening to make the reception for Senator Neil Riser a success. Neil is running for the 5th Congressional District seat being vacated by Rodney Alexander later this month and wants to meet the sportsmen and women he hopes to represent.

Neil comes from a long line for foxhunters, deer hunters and duck hunters and like most of us makes hunting a family affair. His love of hunting and his concern for gun rights led him to successfully fight in the state legislature to protect gun ownership for all Louisiana citizens, regardless of what the Washington, DC crowd does to the Second Amendment.

Neil spent over two hours addressing the attendees and visiting with the hunters and their families. We learned also that the Humane Society of the United States has their sights set on hunters, hunting and animal agriculture in Louisiana. It just isn't the federal government and its lackies that want to take our guns, hunting rights and traditions away from us! Neil is aware of this and told us he will become an active member and a loud voice in the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus to fight these threats to our freedoms.

All I can say hunters, if you missed this, you missed a good chance to meet a friend! If you value your hunting rights and freedoms, then get your families, friends and neighbors out to help Neil Riser get elected. He is ready, willing and able to fight for us. And, you know how badly we need the help!!!

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Re: Louisiana Sportsmen's Alliance Reception

Where all does the 5th district cover? Does it cover southeast La?

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it is from ark. line to southeast, la.. I know it take in all of Washington parish, part of st. tammany and tang. parishes. it take in the Clinton and Jackson, new roads, la area to hwy 49. a very large area that cover all of northeast, la.. we need the votes in the southeast part of la., so you hunters need to look at supporting neil. he has supported us in the state for gun rights and hunting rights. we have a fight headed our way with these anti -hunting groups, so we better have a good man in Washington to support us.