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Had fun running today

Went to c-m and ran with Lonnie Ward and Mike Mcshane and couple more hunters Lonnie cooked big breakfast we cash at 630 and looked at crossings and listen to the big race we had over 30 dogs in pen today....me and Lonnie headed to SCHOOL state next week, this is a fun hunt for me this is first hunt I won and I been going every year since 1993.....cant wait to get there and see old friends and have a good hunt.

Be good

Re: Had fun running today

Good Luck next week,after what I saw at the east coast masters you def. will be in the thick of it,I'll feed two you got for sure. "calcuta Lenny",see you my friend, Sonny

Re: Had fun running today

Big Daddy I am little nervous bout the SC State, I got report yesterday that President Ryan Watson going to be the man to beat, heard his champion is right and he had another that could win, if that one slipped, I also heard that Bubba Sharpe was coming with a double barrel (2 White Dogs) that could and are capable of tearing it up....

I been cutting back on my feed, and going to swim hounds tonight at Archie Hucks and Dan Peavy place....

Maybe we can clog up the paths and get one or 2 crossings.