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DC 50 problem

I have 2 collars that won't shut off! The green light went out when I shut it off but the red light came on and won't go out, it won't charge or do anything when you hit the button! Anyone had this problem? Thanks

Re: DC 50 problem

have this same problem with my dc-50. emailed garmin and they said to go to website and update collar. once my collar died completely, it charged up and functioned properly(for now). garmin web site is where you need to go. they will get back to you in a day or 2 with instructions.good luck

Re: DC 50 problem

Thanks Dennis!

Re: DC 50 problem

Had it happen to 2 collars couple weeks ago; take collar apart and unplug and plug back up; quick fix, I was at a hunt and needed them next day;;