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"Hitch-Hiker" DC40 Back-up Transmitter

The "Hitch-Hiker" was developed to run on a Garmin DC40 collar as a backup transmitter. It weighs in at 3.2 ounces, comes with changeable battery , changeable antenna, and under collar magnet. Powered by 1/2 AA 3.6 volt lithium battery that provides 600+ hours of run time and is easily changed and can be purchased at your hunting supply dealer. Comes in most frequencies 155-221 mhz. This back up transmitter will put an end to the worry of the Garmin collar loosing communcation with the handheld. Lots of outside coyote,fox and big game hunters going to this transmitter instead of running two collars on their hounds.

"Hitch-Hiker" will come mounted on a new dayglo collar ( color of choice ) , one year warranty on transmitter and shipped to you . $130

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