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2013 Leaderboard

We have updated and posted the latest results for everyone to view so that you can see where your hounds and kennels currently stand in 2013. There are 2 months of trials remaining and some of the categories such as HOY are very tight, especially amongst the top 10-15 hounds. Basically, only about 1 hunt separates most of them so everyone has the opportunity to move up. Currently, I only have 3 hunts that I have received results for that are not counted in this update (TN State (need # of hounds), Braymer FHA (need # of hounds), and Joes 2-Day Derby). All others, posted to date, have been counted in the latest results. Additionally, if there are hunts that are suppose to be counted and are not on the list, let us know and we can assist with investigating why.
Additionally, if you see a hound, whose name should be spelled differently, please post under this thread and I will correct my files accordingly. Thanks to all for your participation and good luck in the remainder of 2013. Happy hunting.

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Cliff can you call Mike 865-740-5392. We don't have your number.

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Tennessee State 2013: