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IL St 1 day results

54 hounds entered
1) Moreland's Lighting. Sire: Burns Rebel. Owner Rex Moreland
2) Tebbe's Squeak. Sire Tebbe's Jake. Owner Tebbe 's Kennel
3). Moreland's Mickey. Sire Hoehner's Rambler owner Rex Moreland
4) Hoehner's Billionaire Sire Burns Rebel. Owner Hoehner Boys kennel
5) Tebbe's Star. Sire Tebbe's Jake. Owner Tebbe Kennels
6) Hoehner's Gambler H. Sire Hoehner" s Slinger H Owner Hoehner Boys kennel
7). M&S Dolly. Sire M&S Shrek owner SOS Kennels
8) Vaupels Sara. Sire Vaupels Fed Ex. Owner FAOS Kennel
9)M&S Ozzie. Sire M&S White Joe. Owner SOS Kennel
10) Valentine. Sire N/A. Owner Travis Rone
Thanks everybody for supporting the IL State.
Johnson Telemetry. SPORTSMIX.

Re: IL St 1 day results

I got told that none of the local boys around there ran in the hunt
Or help judge the hunt .whats up with that ?
The IL state hunters support the local boys outside hunt every year an run lots of
Hounds in it !
Doesn't look good on the local guys at all if u ask me !

Re: IL St 1 day results

There was some locals there. 1 helped judge and the other entered 8 hounds. And the IL State thanks them both. Most of the others are in the field with crops being out.