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Puppy Feed?

Whats the best puppy feed out there? Thanks

Re: Puppy Feed?

Diamond puupy food

Re: Puppy Feed?

Thanks... What Do yall look for in the feed? Like protein % an fat%.. Thanks.

Re: Puppy Feed?

This diamond I feed is in a purple bag and its 31% protein and 20% fat it is the best I have found and once they get runnin I swap to diamond premium adult which is 26%protein and 18% fat. It's great feed and the puppy's love it

Re: Puppy Feed?


Re: Puppy Feed?

I raise real nice puppies on tops premium!! S.R.

Re: Puppy Feed?

I just raised some on Black Gold Ultimate Puppy. I thought is was good feed. Price wasn't any higher than Diamond.

Re: Puppy Feed?

I am with Sam Robertson on this. It is hard to beat TOPS for raising puppies.

Most folks have got so high that they think you need something else, well in the words of a great ole time fox hunter, Ox Edge, "Boys TOPS is the way to go, look at the first ingrident, its cereal, what do you feed a baby? You feed him cereal and he will grow because it is is easy on the stomach."

My brother and I heard his speech 15 years ago, he was right then he is right today.

TOPS Premium is the best but TOPS Hi-Pro will work good as well.

There is a two time bench champion up in Sylacuaga, AL that is all the hound a man would ever want, he was and still is my little boy's hound. When we were raising him he eat plenty of TOPS dog feed as do all our puppies.

I am not knocking other feeds for there is probably several good puppy feeds out there like the ones mentioned above, however, Specialty has supported us and we ought to support them.

My thoughts and 2 cents worth. I have some puppies now at home nursing on their mother and I plan on feeding them plenty of good ole TOPS dog feed.

Have a great weekend.
True Grit,

Re: Puppy Feed?

I know there are others that are good but I personally like Tops or Rex Premium for puppies and running dogs as well. Only problem I have with it is that nobody close to me carries it anymore... I raised a bunch of really good pups on 26-18 River Run a few years ago. They really grew off well.