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Leaderboard - HOY Top 50 going down to the wire

The Leaderboard awards the Top 20.

It's tight....not going to give away who's sitting where, but here's the top 50 in alphabetical order coming down to the wire. Any of these have a chance to get in. Right now it takes 875 to get into the top 20.

HOY Top 50 - Alphabetical

B&C Piper
B&C Tebow
Bond's Scooter
Bond's Wheeler
Bonner's Lil Dot
Brown's Brownie
Crisco's Re-Re
Eubank's Halo
Eubank's Ziggy
F&F Rambo
Flying O's Lexus
Freeman's Rowdy
Hammer's R.C.
Hartwick's Satch
High Cotton Champagne
Hoehner's Hurley
Houndhill Luke
Jason's Smiley
Jessie's Pete Smith
Kearbey's Toby II
Keystone's Pony Rider
Kidd's Ima Kool
Killam Hill's Bingo
McMillan's Cinoman
McMillan's Kiki
McMillan's Little D.
McMillan's Moonshine
Midsouth Josie
Mouse KW
No Mercy's Little Slipper
Norris' Trish
OQ's Cruise Control
OTB's Coot
Parker's Abigail P.
Parker's Jewel P.
Pearl River Freckles
Quick Catch's Chloe
Richie's Midget
Skint Back Batman
Stahl's Bonnie
Stahl's Gracie
Starkey's Patches
Starkey's Sandy
Starkey's Scarlet
Summey's Bella C.
Ten Mile American Flyer
Turner's Fancy
Turner's Lazor Kat
Whisenant's Lexus B.
Whisenant's Strawberry B.