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Fred Peavey results

Derby results:
1) Eubanks Baby Girl (McMillan's Hi Lo x Eubanks fat Girl) Whiskey Bent Kennels
2)Taylor's Rolo (F & F Clyde x McMillan's Joanne) Frankie Traylor
3)McMillan's Carmen (Ch. McMillan's Little D x Hart's Hannah) Ronnie McMillan
4)McMillan's Annie Lou (Ch. McMillan's Diamond x Cogley's Lola) Ronnie McMillan
5)Deloach's Dalton (Ch. R. D."s Jesse James x Deloach's Dottie) All-In Kennels
6)Fraziers's Shy J (Ch. Boone's Job x Clear Cut Shy Girl) Jerry Frazier
7) RPM Polecat (RPM Ringo x RPM Shy) Roby Morse
8)Pace's Jena (Lakehills Chili x LFW Punkin) Kyle Pace
9)Rockin C's ( Clyde (M & W's Rusty x Perry's Girl) Richard Cogley
10)McMillan's Hornet (Ch. McMillan's Diamond x Eubanks's Honey Bee) Ronnie McMillan
Combination: McMillan's Carmen

All Age:
1)Ch. McMillan's Little D (Ch. McMillan's Diamond x McMillan's Aloha) Ronnie McMillan
2)Eubank's Ziggy (McMillan's Hi Lo x Eubank's Fat Girl) Whiskey Bent Kennels
3)Hound Hill Luke (Ch. Pinedale Swiper B x Parker's Birdie )Hound Hill Kennels
4)Eubanks's Fat Boy (McMillan's Hi Lo x Eubanks's Fat Girl) Whiskey Bent Kennels
5)Boone's Rilee (Ch. Boone's Job x Wood's Red Feather) George Boone
6)McMillan's Newt (Ch. McMillan's Diamond x Hurst Red Lady) Ronnie McMillan
7)C & W's Little Lucy (Pearl River Brownie x C & W's Lucy B) Clara & Wayne Brownlee
8)Knight's John Boy (Herrington's Trouble x Knight's Tina) Thomas Knight
9)Hound Hill Victoria (Ch. Pinedale Swiper B x D & S Ringtone (Hound Hill Kennels
10)Adam's Ranger (Ch. McMillan's Little D x Hart's Hannah) Frank Adams
Combination and Dual Champions: Ch. McMillan's Little D
Best In Show: Ch. McMillan's Fritz (Ch. McMillan's Diamond x Hound Hill Cigi
Best Opposite Sex: McMillan's Flame (Ch. McMillan's Diamond x Hurst's Flying Spook
Classiest Hound: Ch. McMillan's Little D
Best Mouth: Boone's Revenge
Derby Entry 58
All Age Entry: 54