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Crying Range Hunt

Crying Range Pup Hunt

March 26, 2016
CRHA Affiliated & Rules

Jan 2015 & After
Run 4 hours

$50.00 Entry Fee
$35.00 Payback

Will pay all money to top 5
Dog feed 6th - 10th

Start giving numbers out Feb 29,2016
Contact me @ 985-507-7403

Re: Crying Range Hunt

With the amount of folks calling wanting numbers I will start taking numbers earlier. Just text or call me if you need numbers.
The pen is rolling an it will be a true test on young dogs that can hold up to 4 hours of Gut Snatchin running.

Re: Crying Range Hunt

Starting this Sunday 2-28-16 pen will be open to anyone wanting to run pups that fit the hunt. Cast at 6:00am run 4 hours text me or call me if you plan on coming.

Thanks Tic

Re: Crying Range Hunt

Looks like its shaping up to be a war Saturday morning. There has been very little practicing going on so nobody has to buy a new gate for this one. So if you don't have numbers an want to see if you have some fast Jan an after pups call me. If you have numbers an not real confident in what you feeding please turn them in to me.

Thanks Tic

Re: Crying Range Hunt

Double D you know they scared of u. Just because you have a kennel name this year to go with them deer dogs don't mean you can come in under cover !!! haha

Re: Crying Range Hunt

How did this one turn out ?

Re: Crying Range Hunt

You can go to the CRHA web sit and the results are there. Tic told me last week that he was going to put it on as soon as he got time.

Re: Crying Range Hunt

Great hunt Thanks to everyone that came out an even more Thanks to the 22 judges we had that came an gave up their Saturday morning.

52 pups

1st- DuBose's Runt (Top Notch's Cj x Top Notch's Thorn) 850 Mafia ​
(Classist Hound)

2nd-MD's Zeb (Oak Ridge's Smokey X MD's Rose) MD Kennels ​

3rd- Running P's Nae Nae (Traylor's Truck Driver X DT's Curly) Krazy B Kennel

4th- Baileyville's Dena (Hurricane's Lucas X Baileyville's Runt) Baileyville Kennel

5th- Running P's Puffy (Triple P's Elton X Triple P's Bobwire) Krazy B Kennel

6th- Running P's Rhonda ( D&S Redman X Hephill's Khaki) Kraxy B Kennel
(Best Mouth)

7th- MD's Bonnie (Oak Ridge Smokey X MD's Rose) MD Kennel

8th- MD's Toby (Oak Ridge Smokey X MD's Rose) MD Kennel

9th- MD's Jenny (Oak Ridge Smokey X MD's Rose) MD Kennel

10th- DuBose's Tipsy (DuBose's Houston X DuBose's Kate) 850 Mafia