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UKC at the American Legacy

There was a representative from the UKC at the Legacy this past weekend. Think she may have been there for the bench show and rode with a judge. Wonder what UKC interest in Foxhounds is about?

Re: UKC at the American Legacy

Its all about MONEY. I heard a while back they want to open enroll fox hounds. not from them but a houndsmen told me that's what he heard...

Re: UKC at the American Legacy

Wonder if this would be a good thing or a bad thing.

Re: UKC at the American Legacy

I can most likely say don't need it, UKC sure don't put any money or time into all the coon hound events. there stance was they can not give to one and not the other and they wasn't going to give to everyone and you can take that to the bank. I was told that back when I dabbled in coon hounds by UKC, and I am sure they haven't changed, haven't heard of them changing the not donate rule. still in effect. now I see the Chase and Horn do things for the fox hound world, I sure don't think you would ever see UKC do it. they mite try something to get a bunch of money coming in and then go right back to it. its just a place that keeps records on dogs. I will stick with MY horn mutts don't think they need UKC on them. as with the coon hounds I stopped keeping them up with papers cause how I was treated by UKC, and I have been treated like a king every time I call the Horn. so as of now I will stick with the Horn and Chase. so my final answer would be NOT A GOOD THING...