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Results from Barton Springs puppy hunt

Thanks for all who attended had a good hunt with lots of running. Hunters feel free to put your breeding on your hounds.

1st- 1305pts - Brian Cannerdy
2nd- 1065pts Brian Cannerdy
3rd- 1060pts. Brian Cannerdy
4th- 940pts. Wildman Sepulvado
5th. 880pts. Brian Cannerdy
6th 860pts. David Pritchard
7th. 825pts. Broadway & Walt Walt
8th. 825pts. Wildman Sepulvado
9th. 825pts. Broadway & Walt Walt
10th 705pts Brian Cannerdy

Re: Results from Barton Springs puppy hunt

Good hunt. Pen had plenty of game with lots of good running. 1st & 10th place hounds Leweter's Kidd X Canerday's Fly. 2nd, 3rd & 5th hounds River Dance Applejack X Canerday's Maggie.