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Sugar Bowl

My name is Dale Aucoin,but since I was about 8 or 10 years old I have been called "SUGAR BOWL".99% of people who know me don't know my real name.Most people in the hound world only know as "SUGAR BOWL".This pass week I made a post under name of "SUGAR BOWL" and it was thrown out. I see the names "spanky" "Potlicker"and "Mud Flap" and others and they don't get thrown out.So why does my name of "SUGAR BOWL"be any different??? Someone please answer this for me!!!!!!! THANKS.

Re: Sugar Bowl

Dale as of March 31 you must use your name ( first and last ) kennel name
, pen facility name or hunt name. No one is picking on you all post since then I have seen that does not follow these guidelines will be deleted. I don't baby sit this site but I do look at it pretty often and others looks as well. Thanks for using your name on this one. If you want to use your nickname just add your name