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Puppy Hunt Results

We just want to thank everyone for coming. We enjoyed it & hope everyone else did also. Results are as followed:

1st- 695pts #11 P-Town Kennels (Izzy)
2nd-605pts #1 P-Town Kennels (Blue)
3rd-570pts #40 Fast N Furious
4th-555pts #7 P-Town Kennels (Cammen)
5th-510pts #3 Triple J Kennels
6th-495pts #42 Fast N Furious
7th-475pts #43 Fast N Furious
8th-415pts #8 Triple J Kennels
9th-400pts #4 Bailey Branch
10th-385pts #58 Kebo Harvison

Classiest Hound #8 Triple J Kennels
Best Mouth #40 Fast N Furious
Crying Towel #74 Adam Johnson

Feel free to fill in breedings.

Re: Puppy Hunt Results

Congrats Howard and all that placed!!!

Re: Puppy Hunt Results

How many hounds cast?

Re: Puppy Hunt Results

Breeding on 1st, 2nd & 4th Place is:

(P-Town's Dynamite X Chappy's Little Bit)

24 hounds Casted!!