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Results from Belmont Puppy Hunt

I would like the thank all the hunters and judges that showed up today. I don't think we could have asked for any better running. We had 64 pups and some of the finest group of pups I've seen in a while. The scores were very close from top to bottom. Hunters please fill in the breeding on your hounds.

Old Class:
10th- 345pts #61 Kyle Efird
9th- 365pts #55 Top Notch Kennels
8th- 365pts #151 Top Notch Kennels
7th- 370pts #58 North Desoto Kennels
6th- 405pts #74 North Desoto Kennels
5th- 420pts #111 Mud Creek Kennels
4th- 430pts #410 Stephen Morrison
3rd- 465pts #71 Kennedy & Braden Young
2nd- 475pts #56 North Desoto Kennels
1st- 505pts #97 Mud Creek Kennels

Young Class:
10th- 335pts #35 Adrian Johnson
9th- 370pts #8 William Flarity
8th- 375pts #9 Kenny John
7th- 400pts #41 Justin Platt
6th- 405pts #29 Jaime Faircloth
5th- 415pts #14 L.H. Williams
4th- 440pts #44 Justin Platt
3rd- 450pts #23 Ronnie Green
2nd- 490pts #13 Jeremy Adcock
1st- 495pts #0 Dial Kennels

Re: Results from Belmont Puppy Hunt

Old Class
9th Top Notch War Horse( Top Notch CJ x Mathews Kitty)
8th Top Notch Moo Moo (Rocket Dash Perry x Final Time Perry)
Congrats to the winners and all that placed!

Re: Results from Belmont Puppy Hunt

2,6,& 7th in old class Parker's J.P. x Scott's Rockin' Robin.
Great hunt and congrats to the winners

Re: Results from Belmont Puppy Hunt

1st and 5th in the old are off of BHK Scooby and Thornton Paige.