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Results 3 hour trophy hunt

We had 31outstanding pups this morning. It took 1195 to win it and 785 to get in top 10. Special Thanks to Lonnie for donated the Showtime dog feed. All ties was broken by times. It was a great hunt Thanks Again

Hinge Award- Jody Hebert
Hinger award was awarded to the person who has wore the hinges off the gate!

10th 785 pts #59 747s Monkeys-747s Peanut/747s Dolly-747 Kennels
9th 805 pts #0 Pink Collar-Haycocks JC/Haycocks Spicey-Kenneth Haycock
8th 810 pts #76 David Fayard-Jack/Bell- David Fayard
7th 830 pts #7 Superman-Cavaliver/ Sally- T&S Kennels
6th 945 pts #4 Lime Collar-Haycocks JC/Haycocks Spicey-Kenneth Haycock
5th 955 pts #11 Bossman-Storm Lucas/Honey Boo Boo- Young Gun Kennels
4th 975 pts #16 Spot-Cavaliver/Sally- T&S Kennels
3rd 1085 pts #17 Little John-Geronamo/Bell-Double D Kennels
2nd 1085 pts #18 Eastons Playmate-Clarence/Smiley-747 Kennels
1st 1195 pts #1 Tear Drop-Geronamo/Bell-Double D Kennels

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Re: Results 3 hour trophy hunt

Congratulations to my buddy Jody on the win and to all that placed. Pen is rockin and rollin and slammed with game. Great hunt Dallas! We will be back to get drug around again at the next one!

Re: Results 3 hour trophy hunt

Congrats to all that placed and to Jody on the win.....The highlight of the whole hunt was the Hinge Plaque presentation to Jody.....