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u s forest service and ms. dept. wildlife

Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks
1505 Eastover Drive, Jackson, MS, 39211
Phone: 601-432-2400

Proposed Changes to Nuisance Animal Regulations

JACKSON -The Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks approved proposed rule changes to the General Regulation for the Taking of Nuisance Animals on June 22. At the request of the U.S. Forest Service, to address safety, resource concerns, and reduce confusion by the public, proposed changes to regulations for hunting of nuisance animals on open national forest land are as follows: On U.S. Forest Service lands, nuisance animals may be killed during daylight hours only during any open hunting season with weapons and ammunition legal for that season. No bait or feed is allowed at any time. Trapping (including snaring) of hogs is prohibited. Transporting or releasing into the wild, or capture and removal of any live animal or plant is prohibited without Forest Service approval. Nuisance animal hunting with dogs is allowed during any deer hunting with dogs season during daylight hours only. Additionally, nuisance animal hunting with dogs is allowed following the close of the last primitive weapon deer season until last day of February with weapons and ammunition legal for small game during daylight hours only. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 36, will be enforced.

Chad Dacus, Director of Wildlife Bureau for the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks stated, "These proposed changes are promulgated under the authority of MISS. CODE ANN. §49-7-31.5 which states the hunting, trapping, and taking of nuisance animals shall be regulated by the Commission."

View a copy of these proposed rules here. The proposed changes for these rules have been filed with the Secretary of State's Office and will begin a 30-day period of public comment by interested parties. Sportsmen and women's opinions are encouraged during this evaluation period. Please email or write your comments for Commission consideration to: Sharonp@mdwfp.state.ms.us or Nuisance Animal Rule Comment, 1505 Eastover Drive; Jackson, MS 39211, no later than July 24, 2016.

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Re: u s forest service and ms. dept. wildlife

Looks like it was intended to curtail the hog hunting and hog running but it casts a wide net and could cover coyotes too. Try to get an exception for fox and coyote hounds would be the way to go but what I've seen over the years of following government wildlife managers they want to limit your access to the resource at ever opportunity. A lot of the bureaucrats want all federal land managed like a nature preserve where virtually no human activity is allowed.
We are all under fire now and as they say, "it's not the one thing, it's the dismal tide", with the liberal politics seeping into conservation where the conservative "hook and bullet" crowd once had some pull, we will feel the noose tightening more and more but please Mississippi keep fighting against the rope. MS will be one of the last hound hunting states in the Union but they are going to make you fight to keep it.