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Michigan State Foxhunter's Assoc. July 9th, 2016 Results

1st Place: (#145) Olds Pat P. ( AA FcH Mud Flap P. ex. Fancy P.) Neil Olds
2nd Place: (#110) Fluney’s Lucy (Stahl’s Chief ex. Noskca J Brooklyn) Kevin &Sandy Fluney
3rd Place: (#101) Noskca J Whiteman (Stahl’s Redman ex. Kearby’s Elvira) Noskca J Kennels
4th Place: (#311) West End Ace (West End Romeo ex. Pretty Girl Pearl) Barb Thorman
5th Place: (#190) BTK Red Spark ( BTK Red ex. Cocos Dasa) Garry Scholten
6th Place: (#417) Maple Lanes LWB (Green Wood Dylan ex. Maple Lanes Hope) Graham Coon
7th Place: (#741) Katchawana Diva (Hels Hardwood ex. Thompsons Abby) Katchawana Kennels
8th Place: (#150) Steve’s Shooter (Lobo Pines CW ex. Ceaser’s Lil Judy) Steve Scholten
9th Place: (#100) Fluney’s Jack (Lakehills J-Bird ex. Hazelton’s Centerfold) Kevin & Sandy Fluney
10th Place: (#471) Katchawana’s Easy (Hels Hardwood ex. Thompsons Abby) Katchawana Kennel
1st Place: (#73) Monty’s Pherrel (Lobo Pines Carrolls Stinger ex. Ceasar’s Lil Judy) Collin Montroy
2nd Place: (#77) Checkmate Badger ( JD’s 270 Magnum ex. JC’s Gizmo) Joe Childers
3rd Place: (#20) Fluney’s Sugar (Fluney’s Ruff ex. Fluney’s Gerty) Kevin Fluney
4th Place: (#74) Smokies Waylon (Surefire Diamond ex. M&S Nikki) Corey & Zach Siler
5th Place: (#21) Fluney’s Honey (Fluney’s Ruff ex. Fluney’s Gerty) Kevin & Sandy Fluney
6th Place: (#47) Maple Lanes June Bug (Maple Lanes Wolfgang ex. M.L. Scarlett) Graham Coons
7th Place: Phillips Link (Phillips Zack ex. Phillips Tiger) Rick Phillips
8th Place: (#43) Jenny 2 (Bruders Rufis ex. Wilsons Annie) Tim Wilson Jr.
9th Place: (#55) Katchawana Annie (Carrolls Gunner ex. Katchawana Katie) Katchawana Kennels
10th Place: (#16) Olds Petie P. (Stahls Redman ex. Stahls Zoey) Neil Olds

Winner Of the 4 Pack- Graham Coons

Re: Michigan State Foxhunter's Assoc. July 9th, 2016 Results

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Re: Michigan State Foxhunter's Assoc. July 9th, 2016 Results

congratulations Neal. hope your all doing fine, and hope to see you folks in about three months....

Re: Michigan State Foxhunter's Assoc. July 9th, 2016 Results

Thanks Rodney, where all doing good up here in the great north. Cant wait to see you in October with the rest of the July Nation