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2016 Trials Counted to Date

All American (Greneda, MS)
Alabama State Derby & AA (Andalusia, AL)
Big Rock Masters Derby & AA (Lancaster, SC)
Calhoun County Derby & AA (Greneda, MS)
Central Florida FHA Derby & AA (Ocala, FL)
Coastal Georgia Derby & AA (Swainsboro, GA)
Deep South 8 Hr. Iron Dog (Picayune, MS)
Dixieland Derby (Enon, LA)
East Coast Classic Derby & AA (Lawrenceville, VA)
East Mississippi Derby & AA (Harrisville, MS)
Florida State Derby & AA (St. George, FL)
Georgia State Serby & AA (Swainsboro, GA)
Gulf Coast Classic Derby & AA (Picayune, MS)
Hunters Horn Breeders Cup (Lancaster, SC)
I.R.H.C. (Andalusia, AL)
James River FHA Derby & AA (Creedmore, NC)
Kentucky Open Derby & AA (Carlisle, KY)
L.M. "Hilltop" McIntyre Memorial Derby & AA (Bastrop, LA)
Lake Quichita Spring 2 Day Derby & AA (Buckville, AR)
Louisiana State Derby & AA (Jena, LA)
Masters (Swainsboro, GA)
Mid South Masters (Hallsboro, NC)
Mississippi Hunting Dog Association Derby & AA (Picayune, MS)
Mississippi State Derby & AA (Greneada, MS)
Morehouse FHA Derby & AA (Bastrop, LA)
NC Governor's Cup Derby (Hallsboro, NC)
NC Masters Derby & AA (Hallsboro, NC)
Ogeechee River FHA Derby & AA (Swainsboro, GA)
Perry County Derby & AA (Buckville, AR)
Piedmont FHA (Lancaster, SC)
Rideau's Derby Masters (Seeley's Bay, Ont, Can)
Saline County Derby & AA (Grapevine, AR)
Santa Rosa FHA Derby & AA (Munson, FL)
SC State Derby & AA (Manning, SC)
SE Louisiana Derby & AA (Enon, LA)
South Alabama Open 8 Hr (Elba, AL)
South Georgia Derby & AA (Swainsboro, GA)
Southeastern Derby & AA (Emporia, VA)
Southern Classic Derby & AA (Creedmore, NC)
Southland Derby (Hallsboro, NC)
Sunshine State Derby & AA (Andalusia, AL)
Tar Heel Open FHA (Bayboro, NC)
Tar River Classic Derby & AA (Creedmore, NC)
Texas State Derby & AA (Shelbyville, TX)
Tidewater Derby & AA (Emporia, VA)
USO (Manning, SC)
West Hanover FHA Derby & AA (Beaverdam, VA)
West Virginia State Derby & AA (Lawrenceville, VA)
Western Derby (Jena, LA)
SC Masters Derby (Lancaster, SC)
Illinois State Derby & AA (Ellsinore, MO)
Chuck Wilson Memorial 8 Hr (Bastrop, LA)
Flora-Bama Open 8 Hr (Andalusia, AL)
Central Mississippi Derby & AA (Harrisville, MS)
Eastern Derby (Hallsboro, NC)
Blackwater FHA Derby & AA (Santa Rosa, FL)
Twin Lakes Lincoln Derby & AA (Sweetwater, TN)
NC Open Derby & AA (Creedmore, NC)