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Jones Creek Money Hunt Results

First I would like say Thank You, to the Hunters who showed up to support my hunt. I would also like to thank the hard working judges who came yesterday to score the hounds. A special thank you to Daphne Ziegler who added all the scores in record time. Also a big thanks To Joseph Puccio for the excellent BBQ lunch he prepared. We had 5 hours of solid running on Grey Fox and Coyotes. We had 48 hounds, which was a couple short of the 50 needed for the $1000 payout, but I went ahead and paid the $1000 anyway. Once again thanks to everyone who had a part in making this another great hunt.


15th-555pts-#73 Cheyene( Jwatts Coaltrain X Bobbie ) Fly By Night Kennels

14th-560pts-#30 Wifi- Pat Malphus

13th-565pts-#99 Rad's Big Nasty( D & M John X Hacklers Nickle ) Night Moves Kennels

12th-600pts-#93 Gator's Ole Dan( Ch Nash's Willie X Bobby's Miss Cotton ) Gator DeLoach

11th-610pts-#41 Rose( Moody's Clyde X Aron's Kate ) Bub & Way

10th-630pts-#40 South Bryan Viper- South Bryan Kennels

9th-720pts-#9 S & J Kennels

8th-825pts-#15 South Bryan Phoenix- South Bryan Kennels

7th-850pts-#4 Missy( John X Lil Bit ) Bub & Way

6th-860pts-#681 Lonesome( H & P Paul x Bobby's Miss Cotton ) Night Moves Kennels

5th-875pts-#541 Winter( Moody's Clyde X Aron's Kate ) Bub & Way

4th-880pts-#13 Dillon( McGovern's T Bone X JJ Midget ) Night Moves Kennels

3rd-910pts-#77 South Bryan Fancy- South Bryan Kennels

2nd-930pts-#5 South Bryan Platinum- South Bryan Kennels

1st-1110pts-#14 Summer( Moody's Clyde X Aron's Kate ) Bub & Way

Re: Jones Creek Money Hunt Results


Re: Jones Creek Money Hunt Results

Congrats to bub and Russell and everyone else that placed.

Re: Jones Creek Money Hunt Results

Congratulations to all that placed. Also, a big thank you to Mr. Bobby Parker for having a first class hunt. There was a lot of hard running, great food, and good fellowship.