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Wildman Sepulvado Benefit Hunt Results

A special thanks goes to Sugar Creek Fox Pen for having the pen in great shape with lots of game and great hospitality. Thanks to all that came to support a great family man and friend that is truely missed by many. We raised $3708 for the Sepulvado family that is greatly appreciated. There was several states that attended this hunt we casted 127 hounds and had excellent running.


1st Stephen Lewter
2nd Fat Boy Kennel
3rd Chamberlin & Ebarb
4th Carl Keller
5th Stephen Lewter
6th Fat Boy Kennel
7th Fat Boy Kennel
8th Fat Boy Kennel
9th Wildman Kennel
10th Vickie Noles
11th Vickie Noles
12th Stephen Lewter
13th Curtis Broadway
14th Chamberlin & Ebarb
15th Jeff Ingram

Owners feal free to put down the breeding of dogs

A special thanks to the following businesses and individuals for the donations

Showtime feeds
Hunters Horn
Christian Foxhunters
Arkansas Doghunters Association
Outdoor Dog Supply
Tractor Supply
Family Farm and Garden
B-C Hardware
Rivers Building Supply
Sabine Tire Service
Keith Ebarb & Devin Behan
Sepulvados Fox Pen
Sugar Creek Fox Pen
Mike Martin
TJ Wilson
YadKin River Kennel
Lakehills Kennel
Keith Ebarb
Trent Hollingsworth Graham Meadows
Stephen Lewter
And everyone else that helped organize this hunt

Re: Wildman Sepulvado Benefit Hunt Results

it was a good hunt for a very good cause. we were proud to help out with the event for a very good family. we want to thank everyone who show up to support this hunt. that what our great country is all about.