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Re: Ole bay results

Lol never said I was in shape but I am a little worried sounds like you got a man crush you thinking about me in lipstick and all I don't swing like that though just keep those thoughts to yourself

Re: Ole bay results

Dewayne, people just don't understand your not gonna take a wormy dog and out run a dog that's not its just not gonna happen...
Just like your not gonna out run a dog that's in shape vs a dog that is poor. It's common sense...

Re: Ole bay results

Dewayne that hurts.you promised me you was gonna start telling the truth to everyone. We been hiding this from every one going on nine months now.you come all the way to Louisiana to my pen to run your dogs and be with me .I'm tired of hiding our relationship. Now do like you promised me and tell everyone the truth about us. See ya soon big sexy

Re: Ole bay results

I examine Dewayne's every day for a living.