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Re: congrats Pindale

Hahahaha people like you are killing this sport! I can promise you that if you call him y’all can go hunting and you can see with your own eyes she the real deal. Now with that being said what happened to congratulating a man and trying harder to get ahead of him the right way? I mean I’d love to have a dog that could put run him who honestly can say they don’t? But get in the woods and do it not by stirring BS.... it’s a sad time for hunters period and yet here we are bashing each other over no doubt just being jealous. Congratulations Pinedale kennels and Mr. Bogue

Re: congrats Pindale

Congratulations Robbie. You know and I know who puts all this B. S. on here about Paul Isabelle. I respect Paul and would be proud for him to judge my hounds at any time. These derogatory comments have been brought up before probably by the same person. I have known Robbie for over 30 years. He works hard and produces excellent hounds. I have run against Bonnie during her entire running career and can attest to her abilities. She deserves to be the hound of the year. I would love to own her. Ronnie McMillan

Re: congrats Pindale

Congratulations coach you hard to beat.Keep on keeping on.

Re: congrats Pindale

Congrats buddy, Bonnie and bomber both is really nice hounds