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Leaksville Results 3hr puppy hunt CRHA

Young Class:
1st. 410pts -#29 JJ
2nd. 390pts - #11 Kyle Nelson
3rd. 385pts- #46 L&S
4th. 345pts-#04 Bailey Branch
5th. 310pts-#4 Smith Hill
6th. 305pts-#01 Brandy Penton
7th. 295pts-#22 Big Creek Knls
8th. 285pts- #9 Kyle Nelson
9th. 255pts-#20 Smith Hill
10th. 250pts-#05 Bailey Branch

Old Class:

1st. 655pts-#86 Jimmy McCoy
2nd. 485pts- #63 Allen Overstreet
3rd. 460pts- #51 K&B/Cotton Shows
4th. 425pts- #82 M&D Kennel
5th. 390pts- #90 K&B/Cotton Shows
6th. 370pts - #111 K&B/Cotton Shows
7th. 365pts- #56 Free State
8th. 325pts- #54 Long Brass Kennel
9th. 315pts- #59 Jimmy McCoy
10th. 305pts- #52 M&D Kennel

Thanks to all that showed up. Had great running all morning.
33 in the young class
32 in the old class.

Re: Leaksville Results 3hr puppy hunt CRHA

For clarification, 4th and 10th place is MD Kennels not M&D kennels. Thanks for putting on a great hunt, Cody said it was wall to wall.

Re: Leaksville Results 3hr puppy hunt CRHA

Spectator yes sir enjoyed the great running and enjoyed the good fellowship thanks for putting on a great hunt