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Dixieland derby results

1 -75 DT BELLA, LIZARD CREEK WILLIE, LIZARD CREEK CINDY, DT KENNEL. 2 -30 JOHN B FLASHY, JOHN B HANDSOME, WHO DAT WENDY, JOHN BECKWITH. 3-32 tb karma, t Byrd ben, Toc drama, Tommy brown. 4 -8 l and r scratch off, t Byrd ben, Toc lotto, l and r Kennel. 5 - 95 DT bebe,sugar bowl swamp thunder, Cornish white girl, DT kennel. 6 - 131 Dee's gator, Dee's pat, Dee's sue, Dee's kennel. 7- 10 WFO ranger, Bck sam,hot wire guinea, WFO / creek bottom kennel. 8 - 25 d&s gabby, Kyle petty, UK. 9 - 23 d&s redwasp, Frasier businessman ,UK. 10 - 46 EDS freckles Scott, white cash McCallum, EDS flo Scott. 118 DOGS , WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE FOR COMING OUT AND HOPE TO SEE YOU NEXT YEAR AT THE DIXIELAND DERBY.