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2019 Tennessee State 3 Day Field Trial and Benchshow

Tennessee State Field Trial March 27-30, 2019

Derby Results: 46 Hounds Entered
1st #75 Ball's Whistle (McFadden's Dusty x Bowling's Red Legs) Carl Ball Kavey, KY.
2nd #11 Summey's Major C. (Ch. Clarks Moneymaker x Summey's Knockout) Hopewell Springs Kennels Madionville, TN.
3rd #12 Hawk's Chicken (Redneck Taco x Redneck Roxie) Tyler Hawk Loudon, TN.
4th #61 Dry Creek Ace (K&L Turbo x K&L Smokin Wiggle) Dry Creek Kennel Greystone, TN.
5th #22 J'S Crazy Jane (J.W'S Big Boy x Runyon's H-K Sissy) Red Devil Kennels Wyanesburg, KY.
6th #34 Short's Justify (Buckshot's Hard Rock x Short's Cherry) Short Bros. Kennels Kingsport, TN.
7th #70 Ball's Waylon (McFadden's Dusty x Bowling's Red Legs) Carl Ball Kavey, KY.
8th #6 Pardner's Carly Rae (Ch. Jet Pilot Ray x Yankee Ridge Blondie) Pardner's Kennels Bristol, TN.
9th #51 K&L Skye (OH S. (b) Ch. Skiles Smoke x Tri St. (f) Ch. K&L Sandy) K&L Kennels Ottway, TN.
10th #99 Gentry's Trey (SM. MT. (b) Ch. K&L Smokey Wendell x K&L Holly) Elgin Gentry Greenville, TN.
Combination Winner: #22 J's Crazy Jane Red Devil Kennels

All-Age Results: 69 Hounds Entered
1st #721 Summey's Candy C. (D&S Dandy D. x Slady Bank Brooklyn) Hopewell Springs Kennel Madisonville, TN.
2nd #801 Chasen Precious Peace (Ch. Calvery IGWT x Chasen Peace) Marilyn Chase Campbellsburg, KY.
3rd #731 Summey's Trixie M. (Ch. Turbo M. x Gray's Lightening) Hopewell Springs Kennels Madisonville, TN.
4th #718 Ch. Perry's Shep A. ( Ch. Lofton's Jerimiah L. x Short's Holly) Kim Perry Bluff City, TN.
5th #521 TnSt (b) EKY (b) Ch K&L Sherlock (Sm.Mt (b) Ch. K&L Smokey Wendell x K&L Sadie Eaton) K&L Kennels Ottway, TN.
6th #514 Bradley's Big Show (Ch. Bradley's Rex x Williams Sugar) Red Devil Kennels Waynesburg, KY.
7th #570 Gann's Billy (Lakehill's Hillbilly x Pawnee's Kitty) Tyler Hawk Loudon, TN.
8th #515 Hawk's Bristol (Tyachs Snickers x Tribs Prissy) Tyler Hawk Loudon, TN.
9th #751 Summey's Tank D. (Ch. Summey's Turbo M. x Pine Valley Holly) Hopewell Springs Kennel Madisonville, TN.
10th #719 Hogue's Kate (Blk Diamond Big Money x Slady Bank Bonnie) Merl & Gina Hogue Liberty, KY.
Combination Winner: #801 Chasen Precious Peace Marilyn Chase
Dual Champion: #801 Chasen Precious Peace Marilyn Chase
Classy Hound: #517 K&L Kennels
Best Mouth: #721 Hopewell Springs Kennel

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who came for their support and the great time we had.