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tt15 /money hunt

Tt15 / money hunt. Enon louisiana joe's branch fox pen. June 8 entry 150 dollars. Pay back 1/3 of entry. (Example) 100 dog's pay back 33 places 200 dog's pay back 66 places. For numbers call Talbert crowe 985 517 1557

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This will be a 4 hour hunt

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Re: tt15 /money hunt

It was unheard of but it happened today at Joe's Branch Fox Pen in Enon , La. When was there a hunt where 30th place got the choice of a TT 15 collar or $300.00 , 11th through 30th place had that option . 1st through 10th got paid money and the option of aTT15 collar or $300.00 . Talbert Crowe and all the owners of Joe's Branch did a out standing job of putting on a hunt with the hunters in mind . Thanks for letting me have the honor of judging this hunt .