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Ogeechee River 3 Day 2019

Derby HGA
192 hounds

1st-# 11 Bobby’s Lil Sable ( Ch Nash’s Willie X Everybreath Kitty) Bobby Parker Ludowici Ga
2nd- # 51 Hutchinson Tip ( Moody’s Clyde X Moody’s Missy ) South Ga Po Boy Baxley Ga
3rd- # 71 Patrick’s Gap ( BB Steady X BB Skuna ) J & E & J Kennels Guyton Ga
4th- #127 Night Moves BoBo ( Thunder Ridge Coon X Hagan’s Bug ) The Evil Empire Ga
5th- #218 Hill Top’s Sargent ( Teats Hero X Night Moves Tina ) Hill Top Kennels Ga
6th- # 32 Derek’s Oreo ( Low Fall’s Striker X Derek’s Kate ) Boiling Springs & Congaree Creek Kennels Lexington SC
7th- #041 Dorchester’s T-Rex ( J & D Sandman X Dorchester Sally ) David Reed SC
8th #214 P S Sugar Cookies ( PS BusterX PS Mona ) Promise Land Kennels Goose Creek SC
9th- #80 Top Dawgs Donnie ( Lakehill’s Millionaire X Ch Myer’s Spot ) Top Dawg Kennels SC
10th- #179 Buck Island Sue ( H & P Paul X Johnson’s Daisy ) Buck Island Kennels Galivants Ferry SC

Combination Winner #11 Bobby’s Lil Sable. Bobby Parker
Best Mouth #49 Wallace’s Casey Power Drive Kennels
Classiest Hound #12 High Ridge Dawn High Ridg Kennels

All Age HGA
239 Hounds

1st- #454 Coastal Ga (b)Ch Dog Pile Golddigger ( Ch Clark’s Money Maker X Fat Boy’s Honey Bee ) Dog Pile Kennels Fla/Ga
2nd- #808 S.O. Cash ( Ch RD’s Jessie James X Polk’s Lemon Drop ) Smokem Out Kennels Middleburg Fla/Ludowici Ga
3rd- #391 Broke Rite’s Sambo ( Ch WT’s Big Sam X J Bird’s Shelby M ) Power Drive Kennels Va
4th- #703 We Dawgs Honey Boo ( Ch Top Gun Shadow X S & D Yo-yo ) We Dawg Kennels Fair Bluff NC
5th- #456 Jenn Anniston ( Ch Clark’s Money Maker X Fat Boy’s Honey Bee ) Dog Ple Kennels Fla/Ga
6th- #361 Broke Rite’s Pete ( Ch WT’s Big Sam X Atkin’s Penny ) Power Drive Kennels Va
7th- #779 S & D Widow ( Ch Top Gun Shadow X Hills City Irene ) S & D Kennels Nichols SC
8th- #810 Night Moves Frenchman ( Jason’s Rampage X Jason’s Paris) The Evil Empire Ga
9th- #516 Wallace’s Baconator ( Ch Keystone’s Pony Rider X Ch Atkin’s Lucy ) Power Drive Kennels Va
10th #510 Wallace’s Duster ( Ch B & B Rowdy X Valentines Lil Linda ) Power Drive Kennels Va

Combination Winner #703 We Dawgs Honey Boo We Dawg Kennels
Best mouth #514 Patterson’s Striker Power Drive Kennels
Classiest Hound #516 Wallace’s Baconator Power Drive Kennels

Re: Ogeechee River 3 Day 2019

I don’t have the breeding on Derby Best Mouth, Derby Classiest Hound, and All Age Best Mouth. Please fill in the information.
Thanks Bobby

Re: Ogeechee River 3 Day 2019

#49 Derby Best Mouth ( B&B Steady X Wallace’s Hooker
#12 Derby Classiest Hound ( High Ridge Dudley X Griffins Susie )
# 514 Patterson’s Striker All Age Best Mouth ( MK’s Moe X Patterson’s Runt )