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Re: Just a thought


Re: Just a thought

Jason I am with you , I always enjoyed reading the breedings on the stud dogs. I also enjoyed the campfire stories from the old timers.

Re: Just a thought

Always liked reading about the old hunts also Mr.Jim it’s near about impossible over this way to run at night anymore unless you go on the outside. Nothing like sitting around the fire and hear about ol so and so and how good he’s running knowing he’s really laying under the truck just out of the glow of the fire. Maybe I can get one of the powers that be to thinking and they can put together a good incentive program to at least get the stud dogs back in the books.

Re: Just a thought

Agreed Jason.
Many evening we have set and looked at the magazines and study the pedigree on hounds. I am with you I truly feel some folks just bred to whats hot on the social network and are not working towards making our breed better. I hear folks say they wished they had better dogs and when you ask them how there breed they only know the dam x sire, with no clue to what is in the 3rd and 4th generation. I personally know guys that has said we can't figure out why our dogs want get out of the road, " I guess they are just field trial type dogs". What does that mean? We run a few hunts each year, we get beat alot, but I know this if game is scarce and it gets tough I don't worry about what our hounds are doing, yes we have hunted them but the BLOOD work has lots to do with that.

I could go on but want as I am at work,
In short I wished more folks would put pics with pedigrees with whatever dog they are promoting.

True Grit Kennel,
Etowah County,
Kyle Blakeley

Re: Just a thought

Kyle , my son and I at Eastman Kennel are like you , we look at the whole pedigree , we like to have some of the old blood.