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Re: Just a thought

Agreed Jason.
Many evening we have set and looked at the magazines and study the pedigree on hounds. I am with you I truly feel some folks just bred to whats hot on the social network and are not working towards making our breed better. I hear folks say they wished they had better dogs and when you ask them how there breed they only know the dam x sire, with no clue to what is in the 3rd and 4th generation. I personally know guys that has said we can't figure out why our dogs want get out of the road, " I guess they are just field trial type dogs". What does that mean? We run a few hunts each year, we get beat alot, but I know this if game is scarce and it gets tough I don't worry about what our hounds are doing, yes we have hunted them but the BLOOD work has lots to do with that.

I could go on but want as I am at work,
In short I wished more folks would put pics with pedigrees with whatever dog they are promoting.

True Grit Kennel,
Etowah County,
Kyle Blakeley

Re: Just a thought

Kyle , my son and I at Eastman Kennel are like you , we look at the whole pedigree , we like to have some of the old blood.