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Leaderboard Suggestions for 2020 Welcome

The 2019 Foxhound field trial season is now into it's final 2 weeks and the standings are so close, that the Hound and Kennel winners will be decided between the final 2 trails.

To keep in touch with the houndsmen and continue to make the Masters Leaderboard recognition program as competitive and interesting as possible, the leaderboard committee would like to welcome suggestions for 2020 that may be viewed as fair to all competitors across the country. If anyone has any suggestions they want the committee and Masters BOD’s to review and consider for 2020, please submit them, in writing, below this post, before DECEMBER 31st and we will collect and discuss them.

2019 Leaderboard Committee

Clif Parker

Jerrod Vaupel

Larry Saucier

Chris Graham

Shane Painter

David Futch

Brandon Whisenant 

Re: Leaderboard Suggestions for 2020 Welcome

I would like for it to be considered for the 2020 season that kennel of the year be split up in to two categories. I love the competitive trials but would like to see it split up for hunters that can only afford to run 10 or even 15 dogs or less each hunt and another category for hunters who bring 10-15+ hounds to each hunt if there was a way to incorporate this. I’m not taking anything away from anyone because I wish I could take the whole kennel every time I go but it’s not possible. I guess in a way it feels like kennel or the year has gone to being bought instead of earned, that’s why I think 2 categories would be better

Re: Leaderboard Suggestions for 2020 Welcome

I agree. The same 6 -10 kennels always dominate the leaderboard. some are basically pro kennels with sponsors. really hard to compete against people that can go to every trial and take 10-20 head.

Re: Leaderboard Suggestions for 2020 Welcome

Just a few ideas:

1. Grade 1 hunts stand alone and can be added to any kennels 9 hunt total or any hounds total
2. All other grade hunts limited to top 9 hunts per kennel(To keep for points) and only 3 hunts per pen can be kept (grade 1 excluded)
3. Bonus points increase for multiple pen placings for hounds in HOY
4. Increase in kennel travel points
5. Increase in points for hunts above 150hounds in each class

Re: Leaderboard Suggestions for 2020 Welcome

I know some may disagree with me on this. Everyone has their own Opinion. But I would like to see an added bonus for the ultimate goal in a field trial. If a hound is lucky enough to Win Bench Field and Dual. He should get some Extra points for the Perfect hunt. Over the past 5 years I can think of less that 5 hounds that have been able to accomplish this.

Also I like to see your dual champion get more points. A dual is one of the hardest things to win in my opinion their are only 8 hounds eligible at every hunt. Where a dog that was tenth on the bench and tenth in endurance could win the Combination and would be only getting 30 less points.

Happy Hunting.

Re: Leaderboard Suggestions for 2020 Welcome

1 Change LB fee to 40 for open hunt and 60 for 2 class hunts since it counts for 2 hunts.

2 Franchise hunts take down waver of LB fee on National hunts. And take down waiver on affiliations of Masters franchise hunts. It was a 1 year promotion for introduction

3. Make all Masters hunts part of the Grandslam

Re: Leaderboard Suggestions for 2020 Welcome

In years past, I’ve given a very strong critique of the Leaderboard and the rules committee. This year, I want to commend them on their progress and willingness to ask for suggestions each and every year. I believe the most deserving hound has been crowned this year’s HOY! I typically judge the leaderboard by the disparate impact from their final standings and what I believe to be the most deserving hounds, kennels, sires, and dams.

The desire to be recognized for the top 20 Leaderboard categories is a testament to the benefit the leaderboard brings to the field trial
Community. However, I encourage the Masters Corp. and Leaderboard committee to continually strive to be fair and equitable to everyone.

My biggest suggestion is the Leaderboard committee should judge impartially, whether a masters or national trial. Also, suggestions should not be considered under anonymity. If someone is unwilling to scribe his/her name to their suggestion or comment, it is not worthy of consideration.

All the best,
Todd Miller

Re: Leaderboard Suggestions for 2020 Welcome

I want to say thank you to Cliff Parker for all his had work.

The Leaderboard rules state that. Anyone not having access to a computer can mail results and all field trial information within the 30 days to the contact below. Information received via mail will also be posted on www.Masterfox.net or www.Speeddogs.net for review.

As we are coming up on 2020 and almost everyone has a smart phone someone should be able to post it online. I think it would help Clif in keeping up with the points. If it’s online and in one place every kennel can take the time to look at it and ensure it is correct. I think this would save him some headache over the corse of a year.