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Leaderboard Notification to Affiliations Due to COVID-19

As you are aware, there are continued cancellations of field trials as a result of social distancing requirements to help confront the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The Leaderboard committee understands that there are a lot of associations that have already advertised dates and had their field trial cancelled and there are associations whom are reluctant to advertise because of the uncertainty to the end of these social restrictions. In this crisis, we can only ask that each association use your good judgement. We know most associations will be working diligently with facilities to try and get a future date, but confirmation and final decisions may be short notices and trials may only be given 3-4 weeks to prepare. As a result of these rescheduling’s and short notification opportunities, we ask that everyone that has already advertised their trials, to post any new dates on Masterfox.net & Speeddogs.net asap, so that the general public will have time to react and plan. It will be up to the associations on whether they want to re-advertise in the associated magazines, but we do know that the Hunter’s Horn is offering reduced rates for follow-up advertising and rescheduled events.
For upcoming events that have not yet advertised and reluctantly get to “cast” in short notice, we will work individually with each association to try and ensure your trial is counted in the 2020 Leaderboard standings, so that all hunters and hounds get credit where deserved.

We thank you for your continued support of the Leaderboard program and hope everyone is staying safe and will be ready to resume once the restrictions are lifted.

Have a blessed day.