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Jerry Martin

The fox hunting world lost one of its best this week Jerry Martin new more about hounds and pedigree’s than anyone I ever knew of. He was one of the last Sandsifters owners to pass as far as I know there is only a couple left, Jerry won his first field trial when he was 10 years old that was about 75 years ago if I’m not mistaken he owned 58 field champions I don’t know if that is a record but it is a great accomplishment. Many hunters like myself sat around the fire or the clubhouse picking Jerry’s brain about pedigrees and his knowledge about hounds and field trialing, Jerry will missed by those that knew him most of friends have already passed on I imagine Sky has already posted on Facebook because they were close friends but for those like myself that Dont have Facebook I wanted to let everyone know.

Re: Jerry Martin

Thanks Mr. Billy for posting that! I know I enjoyed visiting with him the last time I seen him. He didn’t know who I was first . Then I told him who my dad was . And he cut up then . We laughed and had a big time . He will for sure be missed

Re: Jerry Martin

I looked forward to going to a field trial at the sandsifters fox pen .. To just sit under the oak tree with jerry and talk about hounds .. If he had any pups at his pens when my wife came with me to the hunts .. He was gonna give her a puppy .. I thought the world of jerry and he always treated me and my wife and 2 boys like we was family .. I have many memories and listened to many stories under the oak tree from Jerry martin .. He will surely be missed by me and my family and many other families !! I would love to have one more field trial just to hear him tell a few more stories under the oak tree !! If heaven has hounds Jerry Martin is listening to a pack of hounds as we speak !! Gone but not forgotten by many hounds :disappointed_relieved: men !! R.I.P. JERRY MARTIN !!