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C&M 2 Day Derby Results

C&M 2 Day Derby
July 30th and 31st, 2021
1270 Dessie Rd.
Chadbourn, N.C.
By: Lonnie Ward

The C&M 2 Day Derby is history but it will be remembered. I think it was the hottest hunt we ever had and the toughest. As hot as it was this group of hunters had the best attitude. A big thanks to all of you and hope to have you back soon. With all the work to do I still enjoyed it. All went well and I had some good help that I can always count on. Thank all of you that were there when I needed you. We had a good hard working slate of judges and I want to thank each and every one of you. The Master of Hounds was Mr. Clyde Sutton doing a top notch job as always and Mr. Jody Duval as Asst. Master and Mr. Johnny Shaw was your Bench Show Judge with Jody Duval as the Ring Master and the all the judges were as follows: Clyde Sutton, Brandon McRae, Bill Holden, Zander Holden, Jody Duval, Thomas Fowler, Pete Warren, Damon Hunt, Cecil Lee, Sammy Jacobs, James Benton, Brandon Strickland, and Canon Ward.
My buddy Brandon Strickland did double duty. He judged and helped me cook breakfast starting at 3:30am and helped me cook the appreciation supper. This was a long day and without him I could not have made it. We put a test to Hilda also. She entered hounds from 4:00-5:00am on Friday and kitchen work and helping in the score room. Thank you .
A big thanks to the computer operator Terrie Holden. She did an outstanding job and got us out early both days. I am speaking for everyone, thank you.
Thanks to Hanna Knight for selling 50/50 tickets and for Izzie and Payton assisting her . Half of the money collected in donated to the family of a child who has medical needs so I want to thank all who donated. This month we are donating $500.00 to Franklin and Amber Benton , parents of Waylon their 3 yr old son. Waylon had to have one foot amputated when he was l and the other last year at age 2. Please pray for this family as they deal with this.
A big thanks to the Masters for donating 2 very nice coolers which we gave to the high scoring hound each day. Same hound was high dog on both days.
Thanks to the Feed Companies for their support of our hunts. Mike Carr with Pride and Chadbourn Feed, Randy McGovern and Moose Jower with Showtime, and Gurganus Feed, Ronnie Mace with Value Pak and Brown’s Feed.
Thanks Justin Morgan and Dylan on game patrol for staying on top of things. The game thanks you too.
I want to thank my grandson Canon Ward to helping me on Friday with some of the cooking and doing little extra things that needed doing.
Thanks to all of you. Hope to see you all soon, stay safe. Lonnie

Bench Show

1st #464 TNT’s Hitman : ch. Brokerite Assasin & ch. Opic’s Dutches / Farmboy Knls., Spring Hope, N.C.
2nd #54 TNT’s Daryl: Parker’s Bo & Full Throttle Cream/ Farmboy Knls., Spring Hope, N.C.
3rd #103 Bonds Pecos Bill : Fraizer Brothers Businessman & Darks Bobbie/ Triple ‘B’ Knls., Wallace, N.C.
4th #40 Top Gun Swagger: B&B’s Loot and B&B’s Poison/ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
5th #53 Pay Pals Fat Boy : Starkey’s Magnum & Dunn’s Foxy/ T.Z. & Pay Pal Knls., Lumberton, N.C.
6th #313 CT Hulk: CT Check Book & Wig’s Hot 2 Trot/ Benji Rowell , Centenary, S.C.
7th #41 Knock Outs Smoochie: Broadways Thumper & J B’s Squeaky/ Double Take Knls., Whiteville, N.C.
8th #11 JP’s Luke: Crisco’s Charlie & Leggett’s BB/ Jason Prevatte, Lumberton, N.C.
9th #17 Slow & Steady’s Jesse: B&B’s Loot & B&B’s Lightning/ Slow & Steady Knls., Green Sea, S.C.
10th #46 Pay Pal Check Book: B&B Earl Ray & Pay Pal Nightmare/ T.Z. & Pay Pal Knls, Lumberton, N.C.


1st #76 Slow & Steady’s Midnight: B&B’s Loot & ch. B&B’s Poison/ Slow & Steady Knls, Green Sea, S.C.
2nd #4 Top Gun Secret: ch. Top Gun Full Throttle & Patterson’s Miami/ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
3rd #13 Pay Pal Gone Vegas: B&B’s Preacher & Efirds Blue Ray/ T.Z & Pay Pal Knls., Lumberton, N.C.
4th #75 Leggett’s Nova: Leggett’s Ranger & Leggett’s BB/ Leggett & Sons, Evergreen, N.C.
5th #211 Bonds Shooting Star: ch. Country Boy’s Jay Bird & Blacklands Havoc/ Triple ‘B’ Knls., Wallace, NC
6th #15 Knock Outs Cardi B: Broadway’s Thumper & JB’s Squeaky/ Double Take Knls., Whiteville, N. C.
7th #87 CT Bell : No Pitty Jigsaw & CT Maybeline/ Benji Rowell , Centenary, S.C.
8th #12 TNT’s Queenie: Dead Ready Bowie & Drive On Spade/ Farmboy Knls, Spring Hope, N.C.
9th #16 T.Z. & Pal Pal Daisy : ch. Jet Pilot Ray & Sharkey Boozie Susie/ T.Z. & Pay Pal Knls, Lumberton, N.C.
10th #6 Knights Ellie: CMK’s Calvary & Knights June Bug/ Hannah Knight, Southport, N.C.

BIS #464 TNT’s Hitman/ Farmboy Knls.,
BOS #76 Slow & Steady’s Midnight/ Slow & Steady Knls.


1st #51 GTP 1254 CT Olaf: Priestor’s Flying Dutchman & Morris Tic Tac/ Benji Rowell and Nick Young, Centenary, S.C.
2nd #75 GTP 1101 Leggett’s Nova: Leggett’s Ranger & Leggett’s BB/Leggett & Son, Evergreen, N.C.
3rd #71 GTP 1082 Barnhill’s Bad Bob: Fowler’s Juicy Jay & Fowler’s Mighty Mouse/ Greg Barnhill, Evergreen, NC
4th #15 GTP 1063 Birch Creek Cardi B: Broadways Thumper & JB’s Squeaky/ Double Take Knls., Whiteville/Burgaw, N.C.
5th #19 GTP 1009 H&J’s Bruce: H&J’s Arkie & M&S Dolly/ Fast Dog Knls, , Bolton
& Supply, N.C.
6th #1 GTP 1007 Quick Catch Skinny: Swift Creek Skinny & Smokin Aces Hideous/ Quick Catch Knls., Evergreen, N.C.
7th #78 GTP 962 Top Gun Buckeye: Mercer’s Duke & CT’s Ellie Mae/ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
8th #6 GTP 945 Knight’s Ellie: CMK’s Calvary & Hill’s Light It Up/ Southern Trouble Knls., Southport, N.C.
9th #7 GTP 934 Stroud’s Max: Stroud’s Thunder & Casey W./Stroud’s Knls., Chadbourn,N.C.
10th #60 GTP 890 H&J’s Lil Bug: Hank’s Midnight Rider & No Dam listed/Fast Dog Knls, Bolton and Supply, N.C.

Best Mouth: #11 JP’s Luke/ Jason Prevatte
Classiest Hound #51 CT Olaf/ Benji Rowell & Nick Young
Combination #75 Leggett’s Nova/ Leggett & Son