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Master 1 day Option proposed rules for 2021-2022 year.

1 Day Leaderboard Rules For 1 Day HOY/KOY
1.Hunts should pay $25 to The Masters and $5 per hound entered in the 1-day option. Entry fee will be left up to individual hunts with $5 going towards the end of the year Leaderboard. If a hunt already pays the $50 Master’s affiliations dues, then no extra fee will be paid.

2. The 1 Day Leaderboard is a separate Leaderboard and should not be confused with the Master’s/ National Leaderboard. The start of the Leaderboard year will start December 1st each year for all field trials except the World Cup.a. i.e. All trials held after December 1st will begin and count towards the new year for standings. To encourage “head-to-head” competition, Hounds or Kennels wishing to gain additional points after November 30th, will have to participate in the World Cup.

3. All hunts must be run under the Masters format and Must follow all Masters Rules except: Field trail blankets can be used for any hunt that is 1 day only. Any hunt that is more than 1 day must have painted #’s.

4. Only hunts that have affiliations with the Masters will be able to qualify.

5. Only hounds and Kennels that enter the 1-day option thru out the year will be considered for the end of the Awards.
The top 10 hounds and Kennels will be recognized each year at the headline Master’s Leaderboard Banquet. Periodically updated on the Masterfox group page on Facebook and/or www.masterfox.net.

6. If a 1-day option is offered at any 2-day or 3-day hunt hounds Must Enter that hunt to participate in the 1-day option. (Can NOT just enter the 1 Day option)

7. In 2-day and 3-day hunts only the hounds that enter the 1-day option will be awarded 1st thru 10th regardless of their placing among the rest of the field the first day. If the hunt is a 2 Class then the top 10 in each class will be recognized after day 1 of the field trial.

8. Only the hounds that a kennel enters at a given hunt will count towards the Kennel of the Year.
This program was established as an extra incentive to improve and promote quality breeding of field trial hounds under the Master Rules, as well as being an informative tool for those interested in statistics. Most of the work is done on a voluntary basis and it is the responsibility of the hunters to review and follow-up on field trial result postings to ensure correctness. When a 1-day option is run with a 2 day or 3 day hunt this program is a hunt inside of a hunt. The top 10 speed and drive hounds that enter the 1-day option inside of these hunts will be recognized regardless of their placing among the rest of the field.

Questions or concerns feel free to contact:
Brad Hoehner 1-618-697-4551 Monty Sullivan 1-618-751-1813 J.W. DuBose Wayne Tic St. Cyr
Trent Tart. 1-984-225-0668
Chris Ross

1. All field trials must be advertised
a. Field trial advertising deadlines: All trials must be advertised 14 days prior to the first days running. Hunts can be advertised on the website HYPERLINK "http://www.masterfox.net" www.masterfox.net or the Masterfox group page on Facebook. If a hunt puts on a 1day hunt only, the same rules for advertising will apply. Even though Hunts can be advertised in the Hunters Horn Magazine any 2-day or 3-day hunt will still need to Advertise on the website www.masterfox.net or Masterfox group page on Facebook.

2. All 2021 field trial results and related information (location, dates, number of entries, etc.) must be posted on www.Masterfox.net or Masters Facebook page within 30 days from the last day that the trial was run so that information can be reviewed for correctness and standings kept current. Anyone not having access to a computer can mail results and all field trial information within the 30 days to the contact below. Information received via mail will also be posted on www.masterfox.net or Masterfox Group Page on Facebook for review.
Brad Hoehner 380 Friendship School Rd Anna IL 62906 HYPERLINK "mailto:hoehner71@gmail.com" hoehner71@gmail.com 618-697-4551

When posting or sending in field trial results, make sure everything is included or complete. Sire and Dam are included for all. ENTRY NUMBERS separated by Derby and AA are very important. The date the trial was ran and where it was ran. If using a Kennel name make sure the Kennel name is used not the individuals name. Remember: MAKE CLEAR THE NAME OF THE TRIAL WHEN SENDING IN LEADERBOARD FEES and posting results because many field trials have similar names and some associations have multiple trials. Please list if the trial is an Open or restricted age (derby) 3 day (5hr), 2 day (5hr), 2 day (8&7hr), 1 day (5hr) 1 day (3hr) etc.7. Field trial results not posted or received within 30 days may be disqualified from being eligible for that year’s annual awards. Disqualification of any field trial is at the discretion of the 1-day leaderboard committee. Mistakes must be corrected within 10 days from being posted or results will stand as posted.8. Trials/ hunters/hounds will not receive points if Leaderboard fees are not paid, if trials are not advertised on Masterfox or The Masters facebook page. and if trial results are not posted or sent to the contact and address listed above.

3. Once a field trial is advertised to be held on specific dates, regardless of the venue, that trial should be held on those dates. If there is a mistake made in the advertising or if the trial finds the need to change those dates for any reason the trial must make any and all effort to notify the public by running a new ad, if time allows, or if not then via Masterfox.net and Masters Facebook page at least 14 days prior to the field trial in order for the trial to be counted in the Leaderboard points standings.

4. Any field trial wishing to participate in the Leaderboard program must not use any judge currently on the Masters banned list. Any trial using “banned” judges will not be eligible for points.
5. The LEADERBOARD COMMITTEE strongly recommends that a field trial use any of the following computer scoring programs to figure scores so that the trial can be reviewed by the Masters review committee in the event a protest is initiated:a. the MASTER’S GRAND TOTAL POINTS or HGA computer scoring program
6. It shall be the responsibility of the person(s) entering the hounds to present to the trial Secretary a correct entry sheet, which includes a hound’s Sire and Dam. Hounds entered and results posted with NO Sire or Dam given will remain and recorded as “Not Given”. Misspelled names can be corrected but information cannot be added.

7. LEADERBOARD standing for 1 Day HOY/KOY will be kept on an annual basis with periodic updates posted on www.masterfox.net (approximately every 2-3 months). The final standings will be posted in previous year and posted on the various websites. For the purpose of validation, the first day of running will constitute the start date of the field trial. The World Cup will be considered the last trial of the year and the last opportunity for hounds and hunters to obtain leaderboard points for any given year.For clarification:a. The “calendar” year for all Leaderboard programs will end on November 30th except for the World Cup. and begin on December 1st. Field trials casting hounds after November 30th of any calendar year, will have points calculated and applied to the “new” year.b. Meaning, any field trial casting on December 1st or after will be considered the start or beginning of the “new” leaderboard year.

8. An association can have only one field trial for each $25, however an association can have as many trials as they pay for, provided they have different names and pay the $25 for each one. Any hunt running more than 1 class during the same date will only pay the standard $25. Example All-Age and Derby run together scored separately.
9. Facilities can only hold 1 1-day option stand alone hunt per month. Facilities can still hold as many 2 or 3 day hunts per month.
10. It is suggested and highly recommended that each hunt post the top 10 hounds judges sheets at the event and post pictures of the top 10 hounds on the Masterfox Facebook page. Each organization and facility should take pride in keeping the integrity of the 1 day option at high level.
All monies received will be accounted for by Brad Hoehner and audited by:
Monty Sullivan J.W. DuBose Wayne Tic St. Cyr
Trent Tart
Chris Ross
Individual HOUNDS and Kennels can earn points towards this award via the point/grades system outlined below. The points for individual hunts can be reviewed yearly, when brought to the attention of the 1 day Leaderboard committee.1 day HOY/KOY points will be limited to a maximum of (4) 1 day only field trials being counted from a single “home” pen PLUS (4) 3 day or 2 day trials held in the same pen. Hounds that earn points towards 1-day HOY, carry their points for the year, regardless of ownership.Note: Errors will undoubtedly be made, as different spellings of names occur on field trial results. While efforts are made to correct this when entering hounds in these awards programs, it is the final responsibility of the hound owner to point out any errors in a timely fashion.
Hunts will be allowed to charge extra $ during entries for a 1-day option for anyone that enters the hunt. Example normal Entry fee for The Hunters Horn IL State Classic is $50. If an individual wants in the 1-day option for $15 more then $10 goes for the 1 day pay out at the hunt to be given out after the first days running and $5 goes to the leaderboard for the end of the year awards. Each hunt can choose their 1-day entry fee but $5 for each hound entered must be paid to the 1-day Leaderboard. Hunts can run for whatever prizes they choose dog feed, trophies etc. but $5 must be paid to the Masters 1 day option Leaderboard for every hound entered into the 1 day option.

9. Calculating 1 Day HOY/KOY Points:For purposes of points calculation, all trials are placed into one of the following stakes/ grades.

Entries: Multiplier
Multiplier will be the # of hounds entered.
Example: 45 hounds entered multiplier .45
150 hounds entered multiplier 1.5
200 and over 2.0

Open Age Hunts/All-Age

8hr. 5hr. 4hr. 3hr
1. 275. 250. 200. 150
2. 225. 200. 150. 100
3. 195. 170. 135. 85
4. 185. 160. 130. 80
5. 175. 150. 125. 75
6. 165. 140. 120. 70
7. 155. 130. 115. 65
8. 145. 120. 110. 60
9. 135. 110. 95. 55
10. 125. 100. 80. 50

Derby class hunts:

8hr. 5hr. 4hr. 3hr
1. 250. 225. 175. 125
2. 200. 175. 125. 75
3. 175. 145. 110. 60
4. 165. 140. 105. 55
5. 160. 135. 100. 50
6. 145. 120. 90. 45
7. 135. 105. 80. 40
8. 125. 90. 70. 35
9. 115. 85. 60. 30
10. 105. 75. 50. 25

*Travel bonus: 15pts will be added per facility that a hound has placed in thru out the year. Example: Hound A places in 4 different facilities thru out the year. Hound A will have 60pts added at the end of the year to their total.