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C&M Puppy & Derby Results 9/11/21

September 11, 2021

C&M Puppy and Derby
C&M Fox Preserve
1270 Dessie Rd.
Chadbourn, N.C. 28431

By : Lonnie Ward

I hope the cooler weather we had Saturday was appreciated as much by you as it was by me.
The weather is changing fast now and before long we will be missing the hot weather and
wishing it was back. Boy did it feel good in the early morning and the hounds felt it too. They
were more than ready when we cast all 121 of them at 6:43 am. We had a very good successful
hunt and I want to congratulate all the winners and thank you all for coming. I know there is
so much going on right now and also so many people sick and dying from this disease we are
dealing with. Pray for each other as we never know when it will be our turn.
I want to thank all those who helped me with the physical and mental challenges of a field trial.
The first one on my list is my wife Hilda who never gets enough credit for what she does behind
the scenes before the day of and after the hunt. Then comes my kitchen helpers, without whom I
could not furnish breakfast and lunch. This hunt the credit goes to my grandson Canon Ward and
also to Jason Shields. They both helped in the kitchen and by the way did a great job. Canon
went to the field to judge and then came back in to help with the lunch. Jason also helped get the feed
put out and also clean up. Thank you both for all that you did. I really appreciate it. Then the judges
came and did their usual great job. Without dependable judges where would we be.
Thank you Bill Holden for Mastering the hunt and all the other judges who helped and they were: Tommy Carter,
Cecil Lee, James Benton, Tommy Murray, Canon Ward, Charles McPherson, Lenny Crowe, Scott Mills and Sally Mills.
Scott Harvey served as our Bench Show Judge and Chase Stroud the Ring Master. Great job guys.
One of our regulars, Zander Holden will not be seen around here as much now since he found him a
job that pays more. We really missed you Zander and hope you enjoy your new job. Terrie Holden
(Zanders Mother) did an outstanding job on the score posting and got us out early. Thanks so
much Terrie, I hope you enjoy your new job as much as Hilda & I enjoy your being here.
I want to thank Lisa McShane for still posting the pictures for us and the Dog Feed companies for
their support and they are: Pride( Mike Carr), Showtime ( Randy McGovern, and Moose Jower),
Value-Pac (Ronnie Mace)Gurganus Feeds and Buddy Boy ( Gurganus Feeds). Please support
these companies when you can.
This will be the last hunt for C&M until our 3 Day Open , December 2nd,3rd,&4th. Hope to see you then.
Congratulations to all the winners.

Bench Show


1st #61 Flash: West’s Slim Shaddy & Hoff’s Bella/ Jerry Poston, Georgetown, SC
2nd #150 CT Johnny Paycheck: CT Checkbook and Coopers Daisy/ Benji Rowell & Nick Young, Centenary, S.C.
3rd #110 Crack Rock: White Snake & Kitty Kat/ D-Town Maifia, Darlington, SC
4th #30 Benton’s Lefty: Huckstep’s J Rock & Huckstep’s Roxy/ High Step’n Knls., Leland & Delco, N.C.
5th #101 All Natural Zero: Bond’s Smoke & Little’s Gracie/ Brock Holmes, Shallotte,NC


1st #29 B&H Keke: Ward’s Superman and Ward’s Crystal/ High Step’n Knls., Leland, and Delco, N.C.
2nd #1 Triple Plays Black Ice: f ch. Four Bishop & Tebbes Mouse/ Triple Play Knls., Delco, N.C.
3rd #77 Triple Play’s Showtime: Knock Out’s Squatch & Salty Dogs Rachael/ Triple Play Knls., Delco, N.C.

BIS #29 B&H Keke/ High Step’n Knls.,
BOS #61 Flash/ Jerry Poston


315 to get in and 780 to win

1st #98 Knock Out’s Cherry: N/G N/G / Double Take Knls., Whiteville/Burgaw, N.C.
2nd #44 Front Row’s Tylenol: Efird’s Hog Ray and Dial’s Twister/ Front Row Knls., Ash, NC
3rd #206 Slow & Steady’s Mayberry: ch. Slow & Steady’s J C Shady J/ Slow & Steady Knls., Green Sea, S.C.
4th #500 Knock Out’s Big Stank: Mike’s Big Red & Littles’ Psycho/Double Take Knls., Whiteville/Burgaw, N.C.
5th #50 Benton’s Hit-a-Lick: Huckstep’s J Rock & Huckstep’s Roxy/High Step’n Knls., Delco, NC
6th #72 Slow & Steady’s Raven: ch. Slow & Steady’s JC Shady J/Slow & Steady Knls., Green Sea, S.C.
7th #6 Felicia’s Runaway Magic: T Byrd’s Ben and Coot’s Runaway Ginger /Triple C. Knls.,Coot Williamson,
Chadbourn, N.C.
8th #8 C T Wyboo: C T Checkbook & P’3 Roxy/ Benji Rowell. Nick Young,& John Howle, Centenary, S.C./
9th #54 C T Eddie: C T Checkbook & Coopers Daisy/Benji Rowell, Nick Young,& John Howle, Centenary, S.C.
10th #118 Gone To Ground Sussie: No Breeding given /Gone To Ground Knls, Conway,SC
11th #22 Kaden’s Krazy Cat/ Out of Control Knls.
12th #212 Slow & Steady’s Thor/ Slow & Steady Knls.
13th #204 Slow & Steady’s Blitz/ Slow & Steady Knls.
14th #2 Longshot’s Trixie/ Longshot Knls.
15th #58 Birch Creek Curly James/ Double Take Knls.

435 to get in and 725 to win

1st #1 Triple Play’s Black Ice: f ch. Four Bishop & Tebbes Mouse/ Triple Play Knls. Delco, N.C/
2nd #99 Triple Play’s Rex: f ch. Four Bishop & Emily Bishop/Triple Play Knls., Delco,NC
3rd #155 Nobles R J: Daniel’s R J and Nobles Daisy/ Charlie and Layton Nobles, Aynor, SC
4th #41 Pay Pal & T.2 Daisy Ray: Sharkie’s Boosie Josie/ Pay Pal Knls, Lumberton,,NC
5th #709 Buckshots Kasey: Buckshots Trooper & Buckshots Lady/ Buckshot Knls.,Cerro Gordo, NC
6th #71 All or Nothing Cricket: Top Notch Yogi & 4x Cricket/ All or Nothing Knls., Ash,NC.
7th #67 Leggett’s Dixie: Crisco’s Charlie & Leggett’s BB/ Leggett & Sons, Evergreen, NC
8th #57 Nobles J R: Daniel’s RJ & Nobles Daisy/ Charlie & Layton Nobles, Aynor, SC
9th #75 Front Row’s Newport: Front Row’s Float & Front Row’s Bobbie/ Front Row Knls., Ash, N.C.
10th #33 Triple Play’s Kachow: Hippy’s Hightail & Hippy’s Pewee/ Triple Play Knls, Delco, N.C.
11th #83 Norman’s Lilly/ Out of Control Knls
12th #55 Triple Play’s Jazzy/ Triple Play Knls.
13th #43 Blanton’s Slick/ Out of Control Knls.
14th #25 C T Hulk/ Benji Rowell & Nick Young
15th #69 Leggett’s Molly / Leggett & Sons

Best Mouth: #447 Caine’s Bigboy/ Kendall Caines
Classiest Hound #17 Jason’s June/ Harvey Boy’s Knls.,
Combination # 1 Triple Play’s Black Ice/ Triple Play Knls.