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Lost a good fox hunter and legend

RIP Mr Leon Canoy

Re: Lost a good fox hunter and legend

funeral tomorrow.visitation 1 p.m,services 2 p.m.-first baptist church,crystal springs

Re: Lost a good fox hunter and legend

Just a note in honor of my friend Leon Canoy. I actually met Leon in the woods by a hole that my dogs had a fox treed in in 1970. We became good friends and for the next 50 years we had many good times together. Leon was one of the best dog men I've ever known. He always had good looking hounds, kept them in excellent health and hunted them hard. All the years I knew him he bred and ran Liquor bred dogs. He liked their desire, mouth and ability and proved that they would night hunt and win 3 day field trial. As a result of him being a retired football coach, Leon was very competitive. Every time he went hunting he went to beat you. It didn't matter if it was night hunting or a field trial. He and I spent many nights around a fire listening to our hounds and picking at each other. Good times and good friends. I am fortunate to have known and hunted with Leon Canoy