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2021 Coldwater Nationals Results

HGA Derby

1st #85 R&L’s Mac Daddy
Kyle’s Mr. Cash X Bobby’s Frankalina
Full Draw Kennels, Fl

2nd #79 Ward’s Ghost
Muddy Fork Jet X Green Branch Penny
Ward Kennel’s, Fl

3rd #6 Dorman’s Reba
Wises Screamer X Lil Pinch W
Bama Boy’s Kennels, Al

4th #21 R&L’s Dillinger
Ch. Kyle’s Petey X Ch. Full Draw Strike
Full Draw Kennels, Fl

5th #5 SS Gia
SS Flo’s Lil Jo X SS Black Gal
SS Kennels, Fl

6th #51 SS Davide
SS Flo’s Lil Jo X Ch. Full Draw Strike
SS Kennels, Fl

7th #66 JMT’s Black Beans
M. Taylor Fat Bean X Polk’s Cloud
Full Blown/Running Late Kennels, Fl

8th #9 Full Blown Gracie’s Secret
Lake Hill’s Big Handy X RJ’s Black Pearl
Full Blown/Running Late Kennels, Fl

9th #92 Kyle’s Smirnoff
Kyle’s Ace Liq. X Cades Skeeter
Strictly Mafia, MS

10th #71 Juniper Creek Whip
M. Taylor’s Fat Bean X Polk’s Cloud
Juniper Creek Kennels, Fl

HGA All-Age

1st #211 FBK’s Sage
Ch. White Cash McCalluim X Kyle’s Stacy Liq.
Flora Bama Kennels, Fl/Al

2nd #611 B&T Junebug
Ch. Webb’s Chilli Man x Boones Josie
Brian and Tyler Prescott, Fl

3rd #851 Juniper Creek Miss Fit
Juniper Creek Rated-R x Henderson Sun
Juniper Creek Kennels, Fl

4th #418 Dorman’s Slim
Frazier Bro’s Business man x Martin’s Tina
Bama Boy’s Kennels, Al

5th #801 Blacksheep BJ
M&T Dynamo x S.S. Black Gal
Blacksheep Kennels, Fl

6th #818 Dixon Creek Slim
Ch. Josh’s Tin Top x Kyle’s Shreader
Dixon Creek Kennels, Fl

7th #319 FBK’s Eddie Money
Ch. White Cash McCalluim x Big Creek Get Around
Flora Bama Kennel, Fl/Al

8th #800 Blacksheep Snoops
Floyd’s Whitman x Floyd’s Crazy Kate
Blacksheep Kennels, Fl

9th #515 R&L’s Rocket
Jackie’s Rock x P&B Jazzy
Full Draw Kennels, Fl

10th #698 Bryce’s Boomer
Ch. RD’s Jesse James x Polk’s Psycho
Flora Bama Kennels Fl/Al

Classy Hound #611 B&T Junebug
Brian and Tyler Prescott

Combination and Dual Champion #611 B&T Junebug
Brian and Tyler Prescott

Best Mouth #211 FBK’s Sage
Flora Bama Kennel