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C&M 3 Day Open Results 2021

C&M 3 Day Open

Masters Affiliated/Run under Masters GTP Rules
Held December 2nd,3rd, & 5th, 2021
C&M Fox Preserve
Chadbourn, N.C. 28431
By: Lonnie Ward

Well the 2021 C&M 3 Day Open is still smoking. It was good to have today to rest up. Each year my boots seem to move slower and won’t go as high but when you have a group of hunters that always show good sportsmanship and there to help each other when the time comes, it makes me want to try once more.
We had 134 hounds entered and most were champion material. We had plenty of conditioned game and the cream rose to the top. Thank you hunters for what you do.
We have a lot of people to thank. Jody Duval was suppose to Master the hunt but he has been very sick and was not completely recuperated. We hope he continues to improve. We missed him. Clyde Sutton stepped up and mastered the hunt and did a fine job as always. Pete Warren was the Asst.Master. We had a good group of
Field Judges : Brandon Strickland, Clyde Sutton, Pete Warren, Jason Shields , Scott Harvey, Cecil Lee, James
Benton, Curtis Reaves, Joey Fowler, Bill Holden, Charles McPherson, Damon Hunt, Duck Britt, and John McPherson. Thank you all for doing a great job.
Jody Fowler was the Bench Show Judge and Pete Warren was Ring Master. Good job fellows.
Had 2 judges do extra duty. They helped me get breakfast ready each day. Brandon Strickland was there at 4:00am
Each morning and Jason Shields was there at 5:00am. They also helped move feed and trash and anything I needed. They were a big big help. I would never have made it without them. Thank you young men.
Lisa McShane was there on kitchen duty also and taking pictures and posting them . Thank you Lisa.
Thank you to Terrie Holden for doing the posting of scores and getting us done early each day. We really appreciate it.
A big thanks to the Masters for their support. This year they donated 3 coolers and 15 hats . Thank you Ronnie and Laurie for your help and support.
Thanks to Terry Walker with The Hunters Horn for donating a TT15 Garmin Collar.
Thanks to the feed companies for their support: Mike Carr with Pride, Randy McGovern with ShowTime, Ronnie Mace with Value-Pak and Gurganus Milling Co. with Buddy Boy.
Thanks to my wife Hilda for being by my side. I could not do this without her. She is my Buddy.
Congrats to Craig Leggett and son Byron on a big win and making a champion.
Congrats to David Futch High Cotton Kennels for Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex
Hope all of you hunters can make it to the 1 days and 2 days coming up in 2022. Have a Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year. Stay Safe

Bench Show:

1st #50 High Cotton Skynyrd: Ch. High Cotton Lynyrd & Broke Rite’s Lemon/ High Cotton Knls., Hampstead, N.C.
2nd #61 Tyler’s Time Out M.: B&B Chrome & Top Gun Cream/ Farmboy Knls., Spring Hope,NC
3rd #195 TnT’s Snake M.: Stone Mill White Jacket & Watson’s Lemon Drop/Farmboy Knls., Spring Hope, N.C.
4th #67 Country Boy Dusty: Country Boy Jaybird & Country Boy Rosemarry/ Country Boy Knls., Sherrills Ford, N.C.
5th #119 UCLA’s Rip Tide: Ch. Howard’s High Tide & Rock Bottoms Breeze/UCLA Knls., Aynor,SC
6th #160 Never Nice Moneyman: Daniel’s RJ & Never Nice Rhiannon/Never Nice Knls, Mike & Lisa McShane, N. Myrtle Beach, S.C.
7th #170 Bond’s Falcon: Ch. Huffman’s Johnny Cash & Huffman’s Raven/ Triple “B” Knls., Wallace,NC
8th #28 Stroud’s Max: Stroud’s Thunder & Casey.W/ Stroud’s Knls., Chadbourn, N.C.
9th #65 Cruze: Brunswick’s Slick & Trail Blazing Sally/ Southern Trouble Knls., Leland, N.C.

1st #9 Ch. High Cotton Risky: Broke Rite’s Assassin & Broke Rite’s Grace/High Cotton Knls., Hampstead, N.C.
2nd #710 Top Gun Envy: B&B Chrome & B&B’s Lil Slipper/ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
3rd #6 Ch. Trevor’s Burnette M.:Patterson’s Slim & Old Church Harley B./ Farmboy Knls,Spring Hope,NC
4th #10 Top Gun Trinity: B&B’s Earl Ray & Patterson’s Miami/ Top Gun Knls.,Loris, S.C
5th #57 TnT’s Queenie M.: Dead Ready Bowie & Drive On Spade/ Farmboy Knls., Spring Hope,NC
6th #167 Country Boy Chevelle: Mt. Dew’s Mighty One & Country Boy Gypsy/ Country Boy Knls,.Sherrills Ford, N.C.
7th #92 UCLA’s Molly: Crisco’s Charlie & Brim’s Sugar Britches/ UCLA Knls., Aynor, S.C.
8th #71 Leggett’s Nova: Leggett’s Ranger & Leggett’s BB/ Leggett & Sons, Evergreen, N.C.
9th #113 UCLA’s CB: Southbound’s Echo & Todd’s Diamond/ UCLA Knls., Aynor, S.C.
10th #96 Runnin Dirty’s Cream: Clayton’s Hillbilly & Ken & Tony’s Janie/ Runnin Dirty Knls, Galivants Ferry, S.C.

BIS #50 High Cotton Skynyrd/ High Cotton Knls., Hampstead, N.C.
BOS #9 Ch. High Cotton Risky: High Cotton Knls., Hampstead, N.C.

Top Ten
134 Entries
1086 points to get in and 1755 points to win

1st #71 Leggett’s Nova: Leggett’s Ranger and Leggett’s BB/ Leggett & Sons, Evergreen, N.C.
2nd #81 Country Boy Jewel: Country Boy Jaybird & B&B Juicey/ Country Boy Knls, Sherrills Ford,NC
3rd #18 Ch. All or Nothing Calcutta: T-Byrd Ben & TOC Lotto/ All or Nothing , Ash, N.C.
4th #411 Norris’ Robyn: Spears Mtn. Sargent & Spears Mtn. Ruby/Ronnie Norris, Wilmington,N.C.
5th #38 Triple Plays Blake:Muddy Fork Jet & Cossotots Pink/ Triple Play Knls., Delco, NC
6th #95 Norris’ Jesse: Ch. Norris’ Big Boy & Crisco’s Star/Ronnie Norris, Wilmington, NC
7th #112 We Dawgs Jail Break: Lake Hills Chili & Anderson’s Ivey/ We Dawgs Knls. ,Fair Bluff, NC
8th #15 Ch. CT Olaf: Priestor’s Flying Dutchman & Morris’ Tic Tac/ Benji Rowell & Nick Young, Centenary, S.C.
9th #111 Blu Flame Nappy : Live Action Brownie & Blu Flame Lucy/ J.W. Roberts, Maxton, N.C.
10th #511 Norris’ Money : Spears Mtn. Sargent & Atkin’s May/ Ronnie Norris, Wilmington, N.C.

Combo #71 Leggett’s Nova : Leggett’s Ranger & Leggett’s BB/ Leggett & Sons, Evergreen, NC

Mouth #69 Never Nice Superstar: Daniel’s RJ & Never Nice Rhiannon/ Never Nice Knls., N. Myrtle Beach,S.C.

Hound #511 Norris’ Money: Spears Mtn. Sargent & Atkin’s May/ Ronnie Norris, Wilmington, N.C.