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C&M 2 Day Derby Results

C&M 2 Day Derby
C&M Fox Preserve
July 29-30, 2022
1270 Dessie Rd.
Chadboun, N.C. 28431
Results by Lonnie Ward

Well the 2022 C&M 2 Day Derby is history. We got a lot of good things to be thankful for.
We had a fine group of hunters and a mighty fine group of hounds. We had solid running for
5 hours each day and it took some good hounds to do this because it was extremely hot both days. It took some tuff hunters to jump on this also. The number of hounds were down some this year but like the old saying if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Don’t think I heard any one complain about it not being hot enough. I thought everyone was happy to see each other but they were only using their hands to fan some air and gnats.
I hope everyone had a good time. We had some first timers this year. Dave Smith and his dad Steve made the trip from Canada. I really enjoyed having them at C&M and hope they will be back to visit us again.
We did the l-Day Option for the first time and it worked good. Pay Pal and Slow & Steady Knls. won it and high speed and drive also won a very nice cooler donated by The Masters.
Thank you Ronny Norris and Laurie for all you are doing with the Masters.
Thanks to the feed companies for all you do and these are Mike Carr with Pride, Randy McGovern with Show Time, and Ronnie Mace with Value Pac.
Everyone knows how important the judges are and believe me we had that covered. Our Master of Hounds was Mr. Clyde Sutton and the Assistant Master was Mr. Jody Duval and the hard working group of judges were as follows: Clyde Sutton, Jody Duval, Pete Warren , Joey Fowler, Brandon Strickland, Cecil Lee, James Benton, Joel Blackmon, Duck Britt, Nick Mincey, Bubba Willis, Garrison Britt, J Y Chavis, Jason Prevatte, Bill Holden & Wesley Holloman. Thank all of you so very much. Also a big thank you to Johnny Shaw, Bench Show Judge and Jody Duval , Ring Master.
I know my son David had plenty of work to do but he took 2 days off to take care of game patrol and he had little man DJ to help out also. Thank you both so much.
Again I want to thank Terrie Holden for a top notch job running the computer. Thanks for all you and Bill do for C&M.
I’ll make it short with my wife Hilda. She is tuff to do all I ask of her all the time. She is a good backup , Thanks.
A big big thanks to Brandon Strickland and Wesley Holloman for all their help. They are ready anytime. They not only judge in the field but they start at 3:00am helping with breakfast and they stick with me until it is all done. I could not do it without you two.
Thanks to Payton Stroud for selling 50/50 tickets and thanks to all of you that help out when I need you.
Until I see you again be safe, Lonnie

Bench Show

1st #91 Turdhill Baby Ben: Turdhill Bad Ben & Full Moon Splash/BBK/ Stay Ready Kennel, Ga./Ms
2nd #96 Haydel’s Rawhide: Southern Hayes & Country Boy Shelby/ Cary Haydel, Plaquemine, La.
3rd #1 Pay Pals Danny Ray: B&B Earl Ray & Hightowers Nightmare/Pay Pal & Slow & Steady Knls., Green Sea, S.C.
4th #16 Turdhill Pocket Change: B&B Top Gun & Efrid’s Lightning Bug/ BBK/ Stay Ready Kennel, Ga/Ms
5th #62 Wild Fire Bam Bam: Ch. Wild Fire Rocky & Wild Fire Annie Mae/ Saugeen Kennels, Canada
6th-10th No entries

1st #111 Ramsey’s Red Wine: Williams Danny Boy & Butlers Sassy II/Brunswick Knls., Leland, N.C.
2nd #3 Dog Bluff Kim C.: Dog Bluff Front End & Dog Bluff Lil Kim/Dog Bluff Knls., Galivants Ferry, S.C.
3rd #68 Brad’s Molly T.: Ray’s Willie & Hooked Up Dolly/ Brad Turbeville, Chadbourn, N.C.
4th #88 Blow-N-Smoke “Do It Diva”: Broadway’s J.P. & Broadway’s Hershey/ Henry, Steve & Vicki Jordan, Conway, S.C.
5th #11 Pay Pals Ruby: Caney Boys Redmoon & Caney Boys Redwine/ Pay Pal & Slow & Steady Knls., Green Sea, S.C.
6th #15 Felicia’s Black Beauty: T Byrds Ben & Coot’s Runaway Cajun/ Crystal Coast Coalition, Chadbourn, N.C.
7th #66 Pay Pals Montana: Scotts Shogun S. & Lotts Pretty Girl/Pay Pal and Slow & Steady Knls. , Green Sea, S.C.
8th. #10 Top Gun Template: B&B’s Chrome & Ch. Top Gun Tempo/ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
9th No entry
10th No entry

Best in Show #91 Turdhill Baby Ben/ BBK/ Stay Ready Knls.
Best Opposite
Sex #111 Ramsey’s Red Wine/ Brunswick Knls.

Top Ten
Of 96 entries

1st #32 1738 GTP Sandy Mills Hook: Ch. Hollow Oaks Donnie & Sandy Mills Miley /
Sandy Mills Kennel. Coward, S.C.
2nd #81 1521 GTP Sandy Mills Choas: Ch. Jason’s Jack & Jason’s Minnie/ Sandy Mills
Kennel, Coward, S.C.
3rd #50 1481 GTP Stroud’s Bonnie: Stroud’s Thunder & Stroud’s Jersey/ Stroud’s Knls.,
Chadbourn, N.C.
4th #29 1434 GTP Never Nice Batman: B&B Chrome & Never Nice Rhiannon/ Mike and Keenan McShane & Phil Dawson. North Myrtle Beach, S.C.
5th #12 1422 GTP Laurie’s Cali: B&B’s Superman & Butler’s Lil Block C. / Ronnie
Norris, Wilmington, NC.
6th #49 1419 GTP Pay Pals Checkbook: B&B Earl Ray & Hightowers Nightmare/ Pay Pal & Slow & Steady Knls., Green Sea, S.C.
7th #6 1372 GTP Stay Ready Lauren: Jazmine Under Armour & Scott’s Miranda/ BBK/Stay Ready Knls. Ga./Ms.
8th #61 1344 GTP Felicia’s Black Majic: T Byrd Ben & Coot’s Runaway Ginger/Crystal Coast Coalition, Chadbourn, N.C.
9th #21 1326 GTP Josey: Guyottes Whittey & Guyottes Shazam/Power House Knls.,/
Prospect, N.C.
10th #69 1309 GTP Turdhill Chance: Hollow Oaks Donnie& Sandy Mills Miley/ Sandy Mills Kennel, Coward, S.C.

Best Mouth: #711 Brad’s Yellowstone T. : Ray’s Aces & Ch. Fowler’s Scatt/ Brad Turbeville, Chadbourn, N.C.

Classy Hound #69 Turdhill Chance: Hollow Oak Donnie & Sandy Mills Milley/ BBK/Stay Ready Knls., Ga. & Ms.

Re: C&M 2 Day Derby Results

Correction for the results of the two day Derby.10th place #69 kennel should be BBK/Stay Ready Kennel and not Sandy Mills Kennel. Sorry for the error.