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2023 Hall of Fame Nominations Requested

2023 Hall of Fame Nominations (Living and Deceased)
Folks, earlier in 2021, the Masters Foxhunters Association announced it would be seeking your nominations for Hall of Fame inductees and the time has come.

Deadline for nominations is January 31, 2023.

Let's all do this---You can nominate up to three living and three deceased to be considered by the selection committee. You are welcome to include facts to justify your nomination.

Below is a complete list of the previous Hall of Fame Inductees, including the 2022 inductees, for your review.

Foxhunters Hall of Fame

Houndsmen - Living & Deceased
Class of 2002 -
Hubert Caroll Clemons b. 10-06-1928 d. 04-03-2005 Green Sea, South Carolina
Aubrey Norwood Nichols, Sr. b. 05-19-1896 d. 08-10-1980 Vaughn, Mississippi
James Weaver Meggs b. 11-01-1894 d. 01-28-1969 Marshville, North Carolina

Class of 2003 -
Bill Kennedy b. 02-15-1936 d. 01-16-2007 Red Bay, Alabama
Hinkel Shillings b. 4-11-1903 d. 04-10-2000 Center, Texas
Joshua Percy Flowers b. 05-23-1903 d. 11-02-1982 Clayton, North Carolina

Class of 2004 -
Al LeGrand b. 11-22-1921 d. 07.08-2007 Boydton, Virginia
Mose Hill b. 02-25-1911 d. 09-23-1995 Waco, Kentucky
Billy Ray Johnson b. 06-25-1934 d. 01-13-1989 Booneville, Arkansas

Class of 2005 -
Lewis Garner b. 01-07-1935 Vass, North Carolina
Woods Walker b. 03-16-1809 d. 02-09-1956 Paint Lick, Kentucky
Jim Taylor b. 09-06-1934 d. 12-08-2002 Meridian, Mississippi

Class of 2006 -
Charles Graham b. 10-09-1933 Johnsonville, South Carolina
George Washington Maupin b. 12-10-1807 d. 01-15-1868 Madison County, Kentucky
Marvin Odell b. 01-18-1923 d- 01-27-2005 Slater, Missouri

Class of 2007 -
Arthur Purvis b. 09-28-1927 Carthage, North Carolina
Jimmy Brown b. 05-16-1939 d. 04-18-2006 Kingstree, South Carolina
Rodney Terrebonne b. 03-12-1937 d. 01-22-2006 Carlyle, Mississippi

Class of 2008 -
David Hellums b. 02-02-1933 Pearl, Mississippi
Gerald Simmons b. 12-11-1928 Powhatan, Virginia
Bobby Cleghorn b. 8-1-1932 Waleska, Georgia
Virgil Wallgren b. 05-18-1929 d.12-28-2009 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Joe Gibson b. 08-01-1921 Dadeville, Alabama
Sam Lewis Wooldridge b. 02-20-1880 d. 12-13-1945 Versailles, Kentucky
James Whitley Royal b. 08-19-1940 d. 10-31-2007 Fitzgerald, Georgia

Class of 2009 -
Fred Walker b. 08-03-1950 Ben Lomond, Arkansas
Ronnie Barefoot b. 07-21-1950 Dunn, North Carolina
Ebbie McElveen b. 10-14-1934 d. 06-02-2009 Cades, South Carolina
Haiden Curd Trigg b. 05-27-1834 d. 03-20-1930 Glasgow, Kentucky
Jim Shaw b. 05-27.1924 d. 09-10-1992 Chucky, Tennessee
Joe Kennedy b. 09-08-1937 d. 11-29-2008 Pearl River, Louisiana
J.T. Greenway b. 11-10-1934 d.11-27-2007 Bloomingdale, Georgia

Class of 2010 -
J.W. Webb b.04-20-1935 Ocean Springs, Mississippi
George Hill b. 10-28-1951 Waco, Kentucky
Waldene Golden b. 05-08-1938 McCrory, Arkansas
John Henry Allen b. 08-09.1883 d. 03-23-1961 Luka, Mississippi
Aubrey Norwood Nichols, Jr. b. 06-09-1925 d. 11-03-2006 Benton, Mississippi
Dr. C. M. Davis, Jr. b. 08-22-1915 d. 04-30-1973 Woodville, Texas
L.J. Beasley b. 10-25-1904 d. 06-03-1983 Terry, Mississippi
Wallace Dempsey b. 08-19-1928 d. 10-20-2002 Cave Springs, Georgia

Class of 2011 -
D.A. Kirby
Alex Parrish
T. Ross Alexander
Toby Spurlock
Reggie Edwards - Black Jack, NC
Scott Hoehner

Class of 2012 –
Harland Stonecipher, Centrahoma, OK
Bill Linker, Stoney Point, NC
A.O. Waters, Jackson MS

Class of 2022 –
Robby Bogue
Charles Parker
Joe Woodard

Greatest Running Hound
2005 – Hi Mitch
2006 – Yazoo Kelly Rose
2007 – Tiny Hellums
2008 – Boone’s Packman
2009 – Pinedale Clown B.
2010 – Ward's Quick Lips
2011 – Hoehner’s Slide
2022 – Webb’s Red Gal, Calloway White Cloud, PD Hope

Greatest Cross
2005 – Hornet G x Midnight
2006 – Tom Crowe x Kit Gentry
2007 – Elmo x Judy Dell
2008 – Hoehner’s Action Cat x Speedy Hellums
2009 – Lofton's Bethlehem L. x Magee's Betty
2010 – Robin Collins x USO Ch Yazoo Baby Rose
2011 – Hill’s Kelly Lawyer x Hideaway Kelly
2022 – Pinedale Clown B., Terrebone’s Reba, East Coast Hollywood x East Coast Renegade

Greatest Sire
2005 – Pinedale Clown B.
2006 – Tennessee Lead
2007 – Hill’s Kelly Lawyer
2008 – Hornet G.
2009 – Hoehner’s Action Cat
2010 – Hot Shot Kennedy
2011 – Canoy’s Ringo
2022 - East Coast Hollywood, Whisenant’s Jimmy B., Lakehill’s Rusty

Greatest Dam
2005 – Yazoo Baby Rose
2008 – Final Bid
2007 – Hoehner's Paleface
2008 – Midnight
2009 – Hoehner’s Hot Pants
2010 – Grainger’s Rita
2011 – Hideaway Kelly
2022 – East Coast Renegade, Efird’s Brandy

Re: 2023 Hall of Fame Nominations Requested

Clif Parker-living. Clif has done a tremendous amount for the sport,along with breeding and raising competetive hounds for many years.

Re: 2023 Hall of Fame Nominations Requested

Living: Gordon Sexton , Sonny Cerny , Benny Bennett , Bruce Cliborne

Deceased: Leon Canoy , Billy Poole , Wyatt O'Steen , Roy Neighbors

Running Hound: Ch.Gentle Bens Charlie (At one time the winningest hound in history) , Ch. CMK IGWT Calvary

Greatest Cross: Levis Reno x Final Bid, Beechwood Okie x Clibornes Kristi, Ch.Dono's Batman x Graingers Rita

Greatest Sire: Levi's Reno , Streaking Guinea D

Greatest Dam: Clibornes Kristi

Re: 2023 Hall of Fame Nominations Requested

I would like to nominate Wyatte O'Steen to the Foxhunters Hall of Fame. He had a passion for foxhunting and played a significant role in the breeding and development of champion fox hounds for almost 50 years. He won numerous hunts throughout his career, with the most notable being the 1991 All American. He was also awarded the A.J. Nichols Lifetime Achievement award in 2000. It has been said that during the height of his field trial career, that probably 75% of hounds in America went back to his bloodline. He served on numerous boards where his knowledge and leadership experience were highly respected. He was also part owner of the infamous Sandsifters Fox Pen in Clarksville, FL. Wyatte passed away August 10, 2020, but the impact he made on this sport will continue to be seen for many years to come.
Thank you for your consideration.
Sky Scott

Re: 2023 Hall of Fame Nominations Requested

I would like to nominate Jeff Brinchek and Mike Carr as living Hall of Fame members.

Re: 2023 Hall of Fame Nominations Requested

Thank you Danny Calvary is a blessing and the best hound I have ever hung a collar on. He did not need home pen advantage. I have never heard of another hound winning 2 bench feild and duals on 9 days rest. He was 1st speed and drive 1 endurance 1 hga at tar river 9 days later he was 3 speed and drive 1 hunting feild bench and dual. He Hga in Ga,Sc,Nc,VA and Kentucky. He win Speed and drive in some of the hardest running pens in the country and also won the speed ans drive on fox running. Calvary went on to win Feild and Dual at the 1st 150 dollar a dog Top Gun.
In total he won 3 feilds 5 duals and 13 bench championship.
He is a blessing praying that one day I will get another one as nice as he is

Re: 2023 Hall of Fame Nominations Requested

I would like to nominate a gentleman for the hall of Fame that meets every qualification that would be associated with this honor. He has been an ambassador for his fox hunting family for many many years. If this guy doesn't make young fox Hunters want to be a part of what we do then nothing ever will. Please help put Randy Frasier in the Hall of Fame