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2022 Leaderboard Top 20 Information Request

We are working on finalizing the awards and need information for a few hounds and kennels. If there's a blank beside of a name or if you sold the hound and someone else should receive award money, please post below. Thanks.

Place Hound Owner
1 Hollow Oak's Lady May Paul Caskey
2 B&B's Lucy Lou T. Brandon Whisenant
3 SS Davide Sky Scott
4 Hard Liquor Jack D.
5 Hill's Victoria
6 Fire Fly Donald Newhart
7 Bond's Buckskin Ray Vaden Bond
8 Pop Tart Donald Newhart
9 Miss Tammy Wynette S. Art Spurlock
10 SS Mouse Sky Scott
11 Silas Creek Moana
12 Bond's Amy Vaden Bond
13 High Cotton Romeo David Futch
14 Sandy Mill's Chaos Chip Floyd
15 Kyle's Lil Kesha Kyle Ladner
16 Smoke Top's Lil B.
17 Bond's Abby Gail Vaden Bond
18 Hill's Biscuit A.
19 No Mercy Redlegs Shane Painter
20 TNT's Hub Ray M. Timmy Mills

Place Sire Owner
1 B&B's Chrome Brandon Whisenant
2 Clark's Money Maker Dwayne Clark
3 Ray's Ace J. James Ray
4 B&B's Loot Brandon Whisenant
5 Jet Pilot Ray Ray Tyron
6 Norris' Big Boy Brandon Whisenant
7 Fras. Bros. Businessman Randy Frasier
8 Spear's Mtn Sargent Herman Burnley
9 B&B's Superman Brandon Whisenant
10 Cliborne's Zeeke Brett Cliborne
11 Kyle's Petey Kyle Ladner
12 Big Creek Sam Dwayne Lawler
13 SS Flo's Lil' Joe Sky Scott
14 McMillan's Oliver Bonnie McMillan
15 B&B's Earl Ray Shane McCoy
16 Lakehill's Jaybird Paul West
17 Pinedale Bomber B. Jerry Bogue
18 B&B's Top Gun Brandon Whisenant
19 Huffman's Johnny Cash Ryan Huffman
20 Kennedy's 8 Ball A. Alex Kennedy

Place DOY Owner
1 B&B's Lil Slipper Brandon Whisenant
2 Full Draw Strike
3 Broke Rite's Brown Sugar David Rutledge
4 Ray's Windy James Ray
5 Butler's Abby Donnie Butler
6 Miss My Baby S. Art Spurlock
7 B&B's Katie Brandon Whisenant
8 Blackcat S. Tony Sowell
9 Butler's Sassy II Donnie Butler
10 Thompson's Diamond W. Clint Thompson
11 Wide Open Moena Brad Grant
12 B&B's Mercer Brandon Whisenant
13 Atkin's Lucy Brandon Whisenant
14 Dog Pile Hooker Austin Black
15 Craft's Possum Ryan Huffman
16 Colton's Pinky Corey Leonard
17 Haley Howard
18 Opie's Dutchess Louis Callahan
19 B&B's Jet Brandon Whisenant
20 Clark's Tammy D. Dwayne Clark

Place KOY Owner
1 B&B Kennels -Brandon Whisenant
2 Old School Kennels -Donald Newhart
3 Big South Kennels -Dwayne Lawler
4 Triple "B" Kennels -Vaden Bond
5 Bold Run Kennels -James Ray
6 Strictly Mafia Kennels -Kyke Ladner
7 BBK/Stay Ready Kennels -Wayne St. Cyr
8 Ronny Norris -Ronny Norris
9 SS Kennels -Sky Scott
10 East Coast Kennels -Clif Parker
11 Farmboy Kennels -Timmy Mills
12 Sharkey & McCoy Kennels -Harrell Sharkey
13 Hawtree Kennels -Joey ross
14 UCLA Kennels -Kyle Todd
15 Coyote Commander Kennels -
16 Ronnie & Bonnie McMillan -Bonnie McMillan
17 Certified Steppa's Inc.- Colby Taylor
18 Kash Flow Kennels -Clint Thompson
19 Hollow Oak’s Kennels -Paul Caskey
20 Opie Kennels -Louis Callahan

Re: 2022 Leaderboard Top 20 Information Request

Hill’s Biscuit A. Is owned my Jamie Hill and sons