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C&M Puppy & Derby 4/8/23

C&M Fox Preserve
1270 Dessie Rd..
Chadbourn, NC. 28431

March 22, 2023

The C&M Fox Preserve will be having a Puppy and Derby Hunt on April 8th. Puppies up to 12 months will receive even numbers and Derby up to 24 months will receive odd numbers. Hounds are run together but scored separately for this 4 hour hunt. We will have a bench show including a child handling class. Entry fee will be $36.00 per entry with $2.50 per entry going to the winner of each class and $1.50 per entry going to the 2nd place winner and $1.00 per entry going to the 3rd place in each class.
We will also sell tickets for a 50/50 drawing with ½ of the proceeds going to the winner drawn and the other half plus $1.00 per entry donated by C&M and $100.00 donated by Lonnie Ward going to a designated family of a child with medical needs.
We will start giving out numbers from 7:00pm till 9:00pm on Thursday , March 30th, and at the same time each night thereafter. Numbers can only be used by the name they were reserved in. We will limit the numbers per kennel to 5 puppy and 5 derby. On Sunday night April 2nd will give out any available numbers to anyone who wants them. On Wednesday night April 5th 7:00pm.,all numbers not being used should be turned back in. When calling for numbers do not leave a text, voice, or email message or leave messages on face book. Calls only and not before 7:00pm. Any puppy or derby
entered must have the breeding or they will not receive any awards or recognition. Breakfast and Lunch will be available.
Cast will be at daylight. We will have 15 places in each category. If we have over 120 total entries we will draw for a nice gift. The winner of each class will also receive an embroidered jacket.
For questions and/or to reserve numbers call Lonnie Ward 910-234-0669.
We look forward to seeing you again.
Lonnie Ward