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C&M Puppy derby results 5/13/23

C&M Puppy & Derby Results 5/13/23
By: Lonnie Ward

170 Entries

I want to thank everyone who helped me get this done.

Kitchen: Brandon Strickland, (breakfast) Pastor Jeff Blanton and Hilda Ward
Entering Hounds: Terrie Holden & Hilda Ward
Posting Scores: Terrie Holden
Bench Show: Johnny Shaw (Bench Show Judge) and Joey Fowler (Ring Master).
Judges: Master of Hounds Joey Fowler , Asst. Master of Hounds Bill Holden, Wesley Holloman, James Benton, Bubba Willis, Lacy Batten, Kyle Blackmon, Bubba Tatum, Lenny Crowe, Austin Benton, Lonnie Ward and Jordon Reese.
Dog Feed Companies: Pride(Mike Carr), V-Pack(Ronnie Mace), Showtime( Nick)
Selling 50/50 tickets: Ella Hayes and her helpers
Other helpers assisting before and after the hunt: Wesley Holloman and Brandon Strickland.
If I left anyone out I did not mean to. To each and everyone of you a Big, Big Thank You.
Thank you all for coming and hope to see you again soon.
Congratulations to all the winners.
Results as follows:


1st #217 BCH Mincey’s Hourglass: T.O.C’s Powerstroke & Sharkey’s Boosie Suzie/ Nick Mincey, Green Sea, S.C.
2nd #5 Never Nice Batman: BB Crome and Never Nice Rhianon/Never Nice Knls., N.M.B., S.C.
3rd #97 High Voltage’s Big Stuff: Trailblazin Bandit & Trailblazin Zipper/ High Voltage Knls. Chadbourn, N.C.
4th #313 Smok’n Walkers Polo: R&G’s Dabo & East Coast Elvira/ Smok’n Walker Knls., Prospect, N.C.
5th #10 Top Gun Gator: ch. Top Gun Crush & Top Gun Ricochet/ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
6th #601 Shuler’s Bigfoot: Shuler’s Heman & Shuler’s Wonder Woman/ Lovon Shuler , Hell Hole Swamp, S.C.
7th #80 Blow-N-Smoke Striker: ch. Kennedy’s 8-Ball & Blow-N-Smoke Dice/

Henry, Steve, & Vicki, Conway, S.C.
8th #73 TTM Chevy: ? Lebron & PH Fancy/ TTM Knls. Loris, S.C.
9th #903 Shuler’s L G: Shuler’s Ghost & Shuler’s Carma/ Lovon Shuler, Hell Hole Swamp, S.C.
10th #113 Scraping Hole’s George: Scraping Hole’s Duke & Scrapping Hole’s Mouth/ Clay Wilkins, Bolivia, NC.

Bench Show/ Female

1st #26 Never Nice Southen Star: Never Nice Mr. Hellums & Never Nice Stardust/Never Nice Knls., NMB, S.C.
2nd #41 Top Gun Champagne: soy B&B Chrome & Patterson’s Miami/ Top Gun Kennels, Loris, S.C.
3rd #641 Shuler’s Shades: Shuler’s Heman & Shuler’s Wonder Woman / Lovon Shuler, Hell Hole Swamp, S.C.
4th #105 TTM Daisy: Tbyrds Ben & Coot’s Cash Money/ TTM’s Migo, Longs, S.C.
5th #561 Cotton Mouth: Redwood’s Johnny Cash & Mills’ Sassy Stella/ Ham-mer Down Kennels, Delco, N.C.
6th #3 Blow-N-Smoke How Bout Dat: Broadway’s Curly Bill & Triple P. Madonna, Henry, Steve & Vicki Jordan, Conway, S.C.

BIS #217 BCH Mincey’s Hourglass: T.O.C’s Power stroke & Sharkey’s Boosie Suzie/Nick Mincey, Green Sea, C. C
BOS #26 Never Nice Southern Star: Never Nice Mr. Hellums & Never Nice Stardust/Never Nice Knls , NMB, S.C.

Results/ Puppy
53 entries

1st #440 B.A.D. Fancy: Millard’s Ringer Ray & B.A. Harley Quinn/ B.A.d. Kennels, Leland, N.C.
2nd #602 Lil “E”s Waylon: OT’s Pablo & OT’s Shelly/ Lil E’s Mafia, Galivants Ferry, SC
3rd #14 Outta Time Kyi : Killing Time Streak & Drew’s Twizzler/ Outta Time Knls.
Aynor, S.C.
4th #58 Survival: TTM Gunna & Johnsons Kitty/ TTM Kennel, Longs, S.C.
5th #8 3-D’s Serena: Knockouts Smut & Dorsett’s Sweet Pea/ 3D, Clarkton, N.C.
6th #130 Fowler’s Miss T: ch. Top Gun Crush & Fowler’s Whirlwind/Danny and Stephen Fowler, Tabor City, NC
7th #488 Smok’n Walkers Queen B: Croatan’s Creed & SWK’s Molly/Smok’n Walker Knls., Prospect, N.C.
8th #94 High Voltage Steel: ch Broke Rites Assassin & CMK’s Faithful/ High Voltage Knls, Chadbourn, N.C.
9th #600 Shuler’s Storm: Shuler’s Heman & Shuler’s Blackbird/ Lovon Shuler, Hell Hole Swamp Kennels, Shulerville, S.C.
10th #114 Red Man: Top Gun Crush & Top Gun Ricochet/ Brown Swamp Knls.,
Conway, S.C.
11th #12 3-D’s Kobe/ 3-D
12th #184 Chief/ Johnny Shaw
13th #310 Lil “E”s Willy/ Lil E’s Mafia
14th #420 B.A.D. Boots/B.A.D Kennels.
15th #70 Blow-N-Smoke Nightmare/ Vicki, Steve, & Henry
Results Derby
107 Entries

1st #901 Shuler’s Snowman: Shuler’s Ghost & Shuler’s Carma/Lovon Shuler, Hell Hole Swamp Kennels, Shulerville, S.C.
2nd #57 King’s Black Gold: King’s Hi Pro & Drew’s Twister/ Billy and Jordan King, Lake View, S.C.
3rd #33 Three Speed’s Steel: fdch B&B’s Rowdy & J&W’s Pearl Jam/ Three Speed Knls, Whiteville, N.C.
4th #219 Mincey’s Boujee: T,O.C. Powerstroke & Sharkey’s Boozie Suzie/ Nick Mincey , Green Sea, S.C.
5th #121 Break em down Maverick: CT Checkbook & McDowell’s Faith/ Break em down Kennels, Nakina, N.C.
6th #5 Never Nice Batman: BB Chrome & Never Nice Rhianon/ Never Nice Knls.,
Mike and Keenan McShane, North Myrtle Beach, S.C.
7th #13 Blow-N-Smoke Johnny Cash: Broadway’s Curly Bill & Triple P. Madonna/ Vicki, Steve,& Henry, Conway, S,C.
8th #719 P.H.K. Snazzy: Frasibo Businessman & Frasibo Homecoming Queen/ Power House Kennels, Maxton, N.C.
9th #185 3-D’s Trixie: Bedrock’s Spartacus & Dorsett’s Sasha/ 3-D, Clarkton, N.C.
10th #807 Corbett’s Radar: RJ’s Red & RJ’s Elsa/ Colly Marsh Kennels, Atkinson, N.C.
11th #53 Tango/ Jaxon Jones
12th #791 P.H.K. Pepsi T./ Power House Kennels
13th #79 Top Gun Yeti/ Top Gun Kennels
14th #203 Lucky 7’s Huckleberry/ Lucky 7 Kennels
15th #87 Runnin’ Dirty’s Gus/Runnin’ Dirty’s Kennel

Best Mouth: #219 Mincey’s Boujee/ Nick Mincey
Classy Hound # 232 Scraping Hole’s Scary Gary/ Scraping Hole Knl’s
Combination #5 Never Nice Batman/ Never Nice Knls.